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On Display at Clarkston: May 2014

A guide for the content of Georgia State Unierversity's Perimeter College Clarkston Library's bulletin board displays.

May 2014

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Conflict in the Ukraine -- Where is it going? What does it mean?

Hydraulic francturing (fracking) -- Environmental menace or road to energy independence?

Drug testing for welfare and food stamp recipients LOCAL ISSUE -- Personal responsibility or civil liberty threat?

Opening of the Northwest Passage -- Can global warming have profits and benefits?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup -- Can Brazil win and is it ready to host the world's most popular sporting event?

General Map Sources and Databases

Business Source Complete (at GALILEO)

Business Source Complete is a scholarly business database that provides full-text access to many peer-reviewed business related journals, including disciplines such as marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics.

Environment Complete (at GALILE0)

Environment Complete offers deep coverage in applicable areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, marine and freshwater science, geography, pollution and waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and more.

LexisNexis (Nexis Uni)
Nexis Uni

LexisNexis Academic contains thousands of publications, virtually all include full text. Many types of publications are included: newspapers (in English, other languages, and translations of international papers), legal news, general interest magazines, medical journals, trade publications, company financial information, transcripts, wire service report [etc…]

Street level view, world maps, country maps, birds eye, and aerial views. It's all here at Bing along with landmarks for particular kinds fo shopping and services as well as directions.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

From world maps to street level diagrams and driving directions, Google Maps provides it all.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Perry-Castañeda LibraryMap Collection
University of Texas

A collection of thousands of high quality maps that cover nearly all the world. The Arctic region and world maps in the display are from this collection.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

star for the FIFA World Cup FIFA World Cup 2014 -- Brazil star for the FIFA World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, an international men's football tournament that is scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It will be the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the previous being in 1950…The national teams of 31 countries advanced through qualification competitions that began in June 2011 to participate with the host nation Brazil in the final tournament.

Soccer/Football News and Scores.

Soccer is more than just the World Cup. This site reviews action in the major soccer leagues from all over the world.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Macarana Stadium site of the FIF World Cup 2014 Finals

The Official Website of the FIFA World Cup.

Keep up with World Cup news, learn about all twelve World Cup cities, and even purchase tickets.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer
The Sporting News.

The Sporting News' web site for in-depth coverage of world wide soccer, including the World Cup.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Hirshey, David and Roger Bennett.
The ESPN World Cup Companion: Everything you Need to Know About the Planet's Biggest Sports Event. New York: Ballantine Books, 2010. Print.
Call Number: GV943.49 .H57 2010

Nothing unites—and excites—the sporting planet like a World Cup. For one month every four years, billions of people rearrange their lives, play hooky, and ignore their loved ones in order to watch 22 men kick a ball in pursuit of a small gold statue and athletic immortality.

Hunt, Chris.
World Cup of Soccer: The Complete Guide. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2010. Print.
Call Number: GV943.5 2010 .H85 2010

Includes a summary of each World Cup, held every 4 years since 1930 (none held 1939-1949), results and records, and an overview of the nations and legendary players of the World Cup.

Kuper, Simon.
Soccer Men: Profiles of the Rogues, Geniuses, and Neurotics who Dominate the World's Most Popular Sport. New York: Nation Books, 2011. Print.
Call Number: GV942.7.A1 K87 2011

Simon Kuper's New York Times bestseller Soccernomics pioneered a new way of looking at soccer through meticulous empirical analysis and incisive-and witty- commentary. Kuper now leaves the numbers and data behind to explore the heart and soul of the world's most popular sport in the new, extraordinarily revealing Soccer Men. Soccer Men goes behind the scenes with soccer's greatest players and coaches. Inquiring into the genius and hubris of the modern game…

Lewis, Mike, and United States Soccer Federation, Inc.
Soccer Fundamentals in a Day for Dummies, USA Edition. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. EBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: EBooks on EBSCOHost GV943 .L49 2012

Soccer basics in a day? Easy. Do you get a kick out of soccer, but need to brush up your knowledge on the key elements of the game? Look no further! Soccer Rules & Positions In A Day For Dummies quickly brings you up to speed on one of the most popular sports in the world.

Trecker, Jim., Charles Mier, and Seamus Malin.
Soccer! The Game and the World Cup. New York: Universe Publishing, 1998. Print.
Call Number: GV943 .S643 1998

Included in this book: World Cup USA 1994: How the teams qualified, who are the stars 1994 World Cup Schedule Today's soccer stars and top international and national teams around the world Quotes from soccer's top players: Italy's Roberto Baggio, Holland's Marco Van Basten and Ruud Gullit, Argentina's Diego Maradona Preview of Team USA and coach Bora Milutinovic History of the game, its origins, and its development A detailed history of the World Cup tournament from 1930 to 1994…

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Drug Testing
The Fourth Amendment
The Great Shale Rush
Under the Surface
John Franklin

A Map of the World with Events Starred World, national, and even local news is easier to understand and more vital when you can see where it happens on a map and get the background you need to understand it via GALILEO and credible web sites. This display looks at five breaking news events, some far away and others too close to home, and at least one with a surprising twist:

star for the Ukraine Conflict in the Ukraine star for the Ukraine

Aslund, Anders.
How Ukraine Became a Market Economy and Democracy. Washington: Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2009. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost HC340.19 .A85 2009

How Ukraine Became a Market Economy and Democracy explores Ukraine's postcommunist transformation from 1991 to 2008, how and why key policy decisions were made, and what Ukraine should do to overcome the ravages of its political and financial crises.

Embassy of the United States, Kyiv, Ukraine.
News and Information
United States Department of State

In this section you will find embassy press releases, news about cultural events, and State Department reports about issues of mutual U.S.-Ukrainian interest.

"Former USSR."

News from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine presented from a distinctly Russian point of view.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Helbig, Andriana, Oksana Buranbaeva, and Vanja Mladineo.
Culture and Customs of Ukraine. Customs of Ukraine. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009. Print.
Call Number: DK508.4 .H45 2009

Ukraine's tumultuous history has left it standing on unstable ground, wrought with the devastation of the 20th Century's wars, famines, and other struggles. Today, life in Ukraine is moving forward, stepping out of the shadows of Communism and into a modern, urban, and multicultural light, finally gaining for itself a sense of national identity. Now a cultural hotspot that serves as a crossroads between Europe and Asia, Ukraine's traditions of yesterday are evolving into today's daily life and customs.

Kubicek, Paul
The History of Ukraine. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost DK508.51 .K825 2008

Ukraine's struggle for a national identity plagued this former Soviet Union state long before the Cold War shook the world. Its central location between Eastern Europe and Western Asia invited many different cultures to settle the land, ultimately populating a powerful early medieval society known as Kievan Rus. However, readers will learn how Kievan Rus's Golden Age quickly crumbled with decades of Mongol invasions, Polish-Lithuanian occupation, and Russian empirical ruling. Explore how Ukraine flirted with independence in the early 20th century, only to be quickly taken over by harsh Soviet rule in 1922. Despite its independence from the USSR in 1991, devastating consequences of the socialist rule have allowed the world to witness Ukraine's ceaseless efforts to attain a stable government, struggling through the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko, rigged elections, and the Orange Revolution. Kubicek's survey is comprehensive and concise-a perfect resource for high school students and undergrads, as well as general readers looking to further their knowledge of this up-and-coming nation.

Ukraine on the Cultural Map of Europe   Culture and Customs of Ukraine

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North American Treaty Organization
NATO-Ukraine Relations.

Over time, Ukraine has reinforced political dialogue and practical cooperation with NATO and, since Russia’s illegal military intervention in Crimea, NATO and Ukraine have agreed to intensify this cooperation.

Reid, Anna.
Borderland: A Journey through the History of Ukraine. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2000. Print.
Call Number: DK508.51 .R45 2000

Bigger than France and a populous as Britain, it has the potential to become one of the most powerful states in Europe.In this finely written and penetrating book, Anna Reid combines research and her own experiences to chart Ukraine’s tragic past. Talking to peasants and politicians, rabbis and racketeers, dissidents and paramilitaries, survivors of Stalin’s famine and of Nazi labor camps, she reveals the layers of myth and propaganda that wrap this divided land.


A gateway to in-depth articles about the crisis in Ukraine written by The Atlantic's columnists.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Viter, Olena, Rostylav Pavlenko, and Mykhaylo Honchar.
Ukraine: Post-Revolutionary Energy Policy and Relations with Russia. London: GMB, 2006. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost HD9502.U382 U39 2006

This report looks at how the new Ukrainian government plans to decrease Russian influence over Ukraine's energy sector. President Viktor Yushchenko has declared goals which include the diversification of oil and gas supply sources, the reform of the domestic market, and the creation of a strategic oil stock.

Zales?ka Onyshkevych, M.L. Larysa, and Mariia Revakovych.
Contemporary Ukraine on the Cultural Map of Europe. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 2009. EBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: EBooks on EBSCOHOst DK508.4 .C66 2009eb

The concept of a 'return to Europe' has been integral to the movement for Ukrainian national rebirth since the nineteenth century. While the goal of a more fully reformed politics remains elusive, numerous expressions of Ukrainian culture continue to develop in the European spirit. This wide-ranging book explores Ukraine's European cultural connection, especially as it has been reestablished since the country achieved independence in 1991.

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star for the fracking Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) star for the fracking

Avery Samuel.
The Pipeline and the Paradigm: Keystone XL, Tar Sands, and the Battle to Defuse the Carbon Bomb. Washington: Ruka Press, 2013. Print.
Call Number: TN879.5 .A877 2013

Explores the political, social, economic, and ecological issues that underlie the Keystone XL pipeline project, an endeavor that would release enough carbon into the atmosphere to drastically hasten climate change.

Fox, Josh, Trish Adlesic, and Molly Gandour.
Gasland. New York: Docudrama Films, 2010. DVD.
Call Number: DVD TN881.A1 G37 2010

The film documents the pitfalls and perils of the largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in American history, with the potential to poison millions.

FracTracker Alliance. FracTracker

The FracTracker Alliance shares maps, data, and analyses to communicate impacts of global oil and gas industry and inform actions that positively shape our energy future.

The Great Shale Gas Rush.
National Geographic.

Articles that look at the environmental and human impacts of fracking the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Manning, Paddy.
What the Frack? Everything you Need to Know About Coal Seam Gas. Sydney, Australia: NewSouth Publishing, 2012. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost TN844.7.A8 M36 2012

Australia has a new $50 billion industry; it carries unprecedented environmental risks, but could be the path to energy salvation: cleaner than coal, safer than nuclear, a complement to renewables.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Logo and Slogan

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Natural Gas Extraction -- Hydraulic Fracturing
United States Environmental Protection Administration

EPA is working with states and other key stakeholders to help ensure that natural gas extraction does not come at the expense of public health and the environment. The Agency's focus and obligations under the law are to provide oversight, guidance and, where appropriate, rulemaking that achieve the best possible protections for the air, water and land where Americans live, work and play.

Reddy, K. J.
Coalbed Natural Gas: Energy and Environment. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2010. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost TN844.62.W8 C635 2010

Energy and environment are interconnected and an integral part of human society. The need for exploring energy resources (coal, oil, natural gas, coalbed methane, uranium, oil shale, wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal) to meet skyrocketing energy demands while protecting the environment (atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere) has become obvious in recent years. As society relies more heavily on difficult to extract and non-traditional energy resources, it is often more challenging to ensure a low impact on the environment. This book offers a review of global energy supplies over a period of 30 years indicating a steady increase (>30 per cent) in the use of natural gas (including coalbed natural gas, CBNG) driven by expansion of global economies and global population growth.

United States Energy Information Agency.
"Review of Emerging Resources: U.S. Shale Gas and Shale Oil Plays." "
Analysis & Projections.

To gain a better understanding of the potential U.S. domestic shale gas and shale oil resources, EIA commissioned INTEK, Inc. to develop an assessment of onshore Lower 48 States technically recoverable shale gas and shale oil resources. This paper briefly describes the scope, methodology, and key results of the report and discusses the key assumptions that underlie the results.

United States Geological Survey
Hydraulic Fracturing.
United States Department of the Interior.

Also known as hydrofracking, fracking, or hydrofracturing, hydraulic fracturing is an oil and gas well development process that involves injecting water under high pressure into a bedrock formation via the well. It is used to increase oil and/or gas flow to a well from petroleum-bearing rock formations that is seeing increasing use across the country. Here’s a look at how USGS science informs the discussion regarding the potential opportunities and impacts from hydraulic fracturing and related practices, such as horizontal drilling and deepwell fluid injection.

Wilber, Tom.
Under the Surface: Fracking Fortunes and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2012. Print.
Call Number: HD9581.2.S53 W55 2012

This book is a journalistic overview of shale gas development and the controversies surrounding it. Control over drilling rights is at stake in the heart of Marcellus country, northeast Pennsylvania and central New York. The decisions by landowners to work with or against the companies, and the resulting environmental and economic consequences, are scrutinized by neighbors faced with similar decisions, by residents of cities whose water supply originates in the exploration area, and by those living across state lines with differing attitudes and policies concerning extraction industries.

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star for the drug testing Drug Testing for Recipients of Public Assistance star for the drug testing

American Civil Liberties Union.
Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Recently, state legislators have been introducing legislation that require drug-testing people who receive public assistance, including welfare, unemployment, public housing and Medicaid. These bills are introduced by legislators based on the wrong belief that people who receive public assistance use drugs at a higher rate. This kind of drug testing is unconstitutional, scientifically unsound, fiscally irresponsible and one more way the "war on drugs" is an unfair war on America's most vulnerable populations.

Georgia General Assembly.
Act to amend Chapter 4 of Title 49 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

A bill that requires many recipients of TANF (Welfare) and foodstamps to take a drug test to receive benefits. This bill is PRIMARY LITERATURE.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Gitterman, Daniel Paul.
Boosting Paychecks: The Politics of Supporting America's Working Poor. Washington: Brookings Institution Press, 2010. EBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: EBooks on EBSCOHost HD8072.5 .G56 2010

Forging a new political bargain that balances labor market flexibility with security for poor working families is one of the most critical challenges facing government today. "Boosting Paychecks" sheds new light on the scope of this challenge and the political constraints and opportunities policymakers face.

Hart, Ariel. " State's Drug Test Bill is Toughest in Nation."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
27 April, 2014: 1A. LexisNexis. GALILEO. Web. 14 May 2014.

If the states are vying to see who can pass the toughest standards for government aid to the poor, Georgia has seized the lead. Gov. Nathan Deal must decide by Tuesday whether to approve the latest example: the nation's hardest-hitting law on drug testing poor people for public assistance.
Source: Hart, Ariel. "State's Drug Test Bill is Toughest in Nation." Atlanta Journal-Constitution 27 April, 2014: 1A. LexisNexis. Web. 14 May 2014.

Kessler, Jesse V.
The Fourth Amendment : Select Issues and Cases. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2010. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost KF9630 .A25 2010

Constitutional law on the subject of governmentally mandated drug testing is primarily an outgrowth of the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures. Judicial exceptions to traditional requirements of a warrant and individualized suspicion for “administrative” searches have been extended to random drug testing of public employees and school students where the government is able to demonstrate a “special need”...
Source: Kessler, Jesse V. "Preface." The Fourth Amendment: Select Issues and Cases. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2010. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.

King, Christopher and Peter R. Mueser.
Welfare and Work: Experiences in Six Cities Kalamzoon, MI: Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2005. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost HV95 .K474 2005

King and Mueser examine changes in welfare participation and labor market involvement of welfare recipients in six major cities during the 1990s. By focusing on these six cities (Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, and Kansas City) they are able to glean the extent to which differences in state and local policy, administrative directives, and local labor market conditions contribute to the trends in caseloads, employment, and well-being observed among former recipients.

Lawinski, Therese.
Living on the Edge in Suburbia: From Welfare to Workfare. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 2010. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHOST HV99.W45 L39 2010

In this tale of people and policies, the author shows how the interests of governments are often at variance with those of vulnerable families, and how some government actions place more pressure on lives replete with stress.

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Mur, Cindy.
Drug Testing. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2006. Print.
Call Number: HV5823.5.U5 D76 2006

Essays about the pros and cons of drug testing those not yet accused of crimes. Because laws requiring drug testing for public assistance recipients are relatively new, this book's focus is mainly on drug tests in work, school, and sports.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

National Conference of State Legislatures.
Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients and Public Assistance

Reviews current (As of March 2014) attempts by state legislatures to pass drug testing for public assistance measures. The display's map of states that mandate drug testing for welfare (and/or food stamps) uses information from this article.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Payne, Ruby K.
A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Highlands, TX: Aha! Process, 2005. Print.
Call Number: HV4045 .P39 2005

A Framework for Understanding Poverty teaches the hidden rules of economic class and spreads the message that, despite the obstacles poverty can create in all types of interaction, there are specific strategies for overcoming them. Through case studies, personal stories and observations that produce some aha! moments, Payne clearly strikes a chord in her readers., and provides a hopeful message.

Strum, Philippa, Gerald W. Nash and Richard W. Etulain.
Privacy: the Debate in the United States since 1945. Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace College Publishers
Call Number: KF1262.Z9 S77 1998

This volume argues that privacy was built into the Constitution as originally written and into the Bill of Rights. [The book examines] governmental interference with privacy [and] the extent to which the government has as obligation to protect citizens from violations of their privacy by other citizens - as in the maintenance of computer data banks by private companies.

United States Department of the Interior. Where we Are.

Maps of the United States, states, and regions with adjustible layers that let userse display topical and regional displays such as maps of poverty by county in Georgia.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Welshman, John.
Underclass: A History of the Excluded: 1800-2000. New York: Hambeldon Continuum, 2006. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost HV4085.A3 W45 2006

Who are those at the bottom of society? There has been much discussion in recent years, on both Left and Right, about the existence of an alleged 'underclass' in both Britain and the USA. It has been claimed this group lives outside the mainstream of society, is characterised by crime, suffers from long-term unemployment and single parenthood, and is alienated from its core values.

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star for the northwest passage Opening the Northwest Passage (Arctic Shipping) star for the northwest passage

Byers, Michael. "Newfoundland's New Northern Frontier." National Post(Canada). 20 December 2013: A21. LexisNexis. Web. 14 May, 2014.
From Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America, tourists imagine they can see Ireland. But Newfoundlanders are increasingly looking north - towards a new trade route to China. Their interest has been whetted by an article entitled "New Trans-Arctic shipping routes navigable by mid-century," written by UCLA professors Laurence Smith and Scott Stephenson and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The article examines sea-ice projections from the world's most respected climate models, and concludes the Northwest Passage will be a reliable international shipping route by 2040-2059.
Source: Byers, Michael. "Newfoundland's New Northern Frontier." National Post(Canada). 20 December 2013: A21. LexisNexis. Web. 14 May, 2014.

Dalton, Anthony.
Sir John Franklin: Expeditions to Destiny. Surrey, BC: Heritage House, 2012. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOhost G246.F73 D45 2012

After Royal Navy captain Sir John Franklin disappeared in the Arctic in 1846 while seeking the Northwest Passage, the search for his two ships, Erebus and Terror, and survivors of his expedition became one of the most exhaustive quests of the 19th century. Despite tantalizing clues, the ships were never found, and the fate of Franklin’s expedition passed into legend as one of the North’s great and enduring mysteries.

Gupta, Sourabh and Akosh J. Roy. "Between Strait and Sea." Alaska Business Monthly 30.2 Februrary 2014: 70-72. Business Source Complete. Web. 14 May 2014.
The article focuses on traveling of sea route Northwest Passage by commercial ship named Nordic Orion in 2013 instead of going through Panama Canal Route. Topics discussed include the time and cost savings due to the Northwest route, aspect of global warming that may increase if commercial ships will use the Northern Passage and the riskiness of Northern Passage for navigation.
Source: Business Source Complete

Kenney, Gerard I. Ed.
Dangerous Passage: Issues in the Arctic.
Toronto, Canada: Natural Heritage Books, 2006. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost G650 1903 .K46 2006

Over the five hundred or so years that man searched for an elusive sea passage from Europe to Asia through the North American land mass, dozens of ships were lost and hundreds of mariners died. Eventually, a sea route stretching through the waters of the archipelago and along Canada's mainland Arctic coast was pieced together. But could ships navigate the Northwest Passage to the extent that it could be used as an international shipping route?

Kloss, Jurgen.
"'Bob Dylan's Dream' & 'Lady Franklin's Lament'."
…Just Another Tune: Songs & Their History.

"In May 1845 Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin with the two ships Erebus and Terror set out from England to find the northwest passage. Nothing was heard from him for some years and from 1848 on search expeditions were sent out." Lord Franklin and his crew were never found, but his exepdition lives on in the songs, "Lord Franklin", "Lady Franklin's Lament for Her Husband," and "Bob Dylan's Dream."
Source: and Eileen H. Kramer

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Arctic Theme Page.
United States Department of Commerce

NOAA provides Arctic information and a set of reputable indicators that describe the present state of the Arctic ecosystem and climate.

Breakthrough -- Globe and Mail

"Report on Business: Breakthrough."
The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Covers business and technology in Canada's Arctic region including shipping through the Northwest Passage.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Woodman, David. C.
Unraveling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1991. Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost. Web.
Call Number: Academic eBooks on EBSCOHost F1103 .W66 1991

One can not think about the Northwest Passage without remembering the disasterous Franklin expedition in the 1840's. "Woodman maintains that fewer than ten bodies were found at Starvation Cove and that the last survivors left the cove in 1851, three years after the standard account assumes them to be dead. Woodman also disputes the conclusion of Owen Beattie and John Geiger's book Frozen in Time that lead-poisoning was a major contributing cause of the disaster."
Source: and Eileen H. Kramer

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