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On Display at Clarkston: September 2019

A guide for the content of Georgia State Unierversity's Perimeter College Clarkston Library's bulletin board displays.

September 2019

Specific Student Populations

Badke, William R. Beyond the Answer Sheet: Academic Success for International Students,
IUniverse, 2003.
Call # LB2375 .B33 2003
You have courage. You have motivation. You have endurance. There is every reason for you to do well if you have the proper understanding of Western education. This handbook is intended to help you gain that understanding, accomplish all your educational goals and graduate triumphantly.

Baldwin, Amy. The First-Generation College Experience,
Pearson, 2012.
Call # LB2343.32 .B247 2012
The First Generation Experience is the only college success book written specifically to serve first generation students. It is for students who need a little extra attention and support to have a firm footing in the academic world.

Brooks, F. and Starks, Glenn. African American Student's Guide to College Success,
Greenwood, 2015.
Call # ABC-Clio
Marked gaps in academic achievements continue to exist between white and black students on college campuses in America. This motivational book, with contributions from academic role models from within the African American community, provides tools to help ethnically diverse students choose the best college, improve their study skills, and cope with academic anxiety. From college selection to graduation, this practical resource provides firsthand accounts of successful college experiences and the strategies used by former students to obtain their degrees.

Brown, Stewart. The Student Athlete's Guide to Getting Recruited: How to Win Scholarships, Attract Colleges, and Excel as an Athlete,
SuperCollege, 2016.
Call # EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Illustrating that there is a spot for everyone, this completely revised recruitment manual is a go-to guide for all high school students that dream of participating in college athletics. It addresses not only how to get recruited by top colleges and universities but also how to excel academically in both high school and college to ensure a successful career as a student-athlete. Offering insider information, this guidebook for getting scholarship money also provides tips for understanding the complicated NCAA recruiting rules, information on what colleges really want from athletes in their programs, and techniques for developing individual skills to transition successfully from high school to college athletics. Candid and insightful input from college athletics experts, college and high school counselors, and athletic trainers helps athletes achieve success in many areas of their life--including training, nutrition, and time management--catapulting these students beyond their peers both on and off the field.

Bruno, Frank Joe, and Arco Publishing. Going Back to School.
3rd ed., Arco, 2001.
Call # LB2343.32 .B77 2001
Your inside source for advice on admissions, studying, tests, time management, and more.

Dassin, Joan R., et al. International Scholarships in Higher Education: Pathways to Social Change,
Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
Call # Ebook Central
This book explores the multiple pathways from scholarships for international study to positive social change. Bringing together studies from academic researchers, evaluators and program designers and policymakers from Africa, Asia, Latin and North America, Europe, and Australia, the book compiles the latest research and analysis on the policy, practice, and outcomes of international scholarship programs. Contributions examine the broad trends in sponsored overseas study, program design considerations, the dynamics of the immediate post-scholarship period and the impact of scholarships on international education and development. Particular attention is focused on assessment and evaluation, the complexities of selecting awardees, the dynamics of returning home and concerns about brain drain and the state of knowledge and research on long-term outcomes of international scholarships with social change aims.
Ebook Central

Garrod, Andrew, et al. Mi Voz, Mi Vida: Latino College Students Tell Their Life Stories,
Cornell University Press, 2007.
Call # Dunwoody LC2670.6 .M58 2007
The fifteen Latino college students who tell their stories in this book come from a variety of socioeconomic, regional, and family backgrounds—they are young men and women of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Central American, and South American descent. Their insights are both balanced and frank, blending personal, anecdotal, political, and cultural viewpoints. Their engaging stories detail the students' personal struggles with issues such as identity and biculturalism, family dynamics, religion, poverty, stereotypes, and the value of education.

Mir, Shabana. Muslim American Women on Campus: Undergraduate Social Life and Identity,
The University of North Carolina Press, 2014.
Call # EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Shabana Mir's powerful ethnographic study of women on Washington, D.C., college campuses reveals that being a young female Muslim in post-9/11 America means experiencing double scrutiny--scrutiny from the Muslim community as well as from the dominant non-Muslim community. Muslim American Women on Campus illuminates the processes by which a group of ethnically diverse American college women, all identifying as Muslim and all raised in the United States, construct their identities during one of the most formative times in their lives.

Shiraev, Eric, and Gerald L. Boyd. The Accent of Success: a Practical Guide for International Students in U.S. Colleges,
2nd ed., University of Michigan Press, 2008.
Call # LB2376.4 .S55 2008
he Accent of Successwill help students overcome the initial myths and fears related to visas and will help them understand higher education in the United States. It also advises students on planning their days and how to get the maximum from the printed and virtual information sources around them; it discusses how students should organize their semesters, make appointments, and plan ahead; and it provides tips on how and where to talk to professors. This book also provides students with insight into development of their critical-thinking skills and helps their understanding of American culture.

Simon Linda. New Beginnings: a Reference Guide for Adult Learners,
4th ed., Prentice Hall, 2010.
Call # LB2343.32 .S576 2010
Linda Simon's New Beginnings specifically addresses the needs of adults by relating to and drawing upon their life experiences. This supportive guide takes readers from the early stages of their college careers-- how to choose a program and a course-- to broader academic support skills.

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Welcoming Web Sites

Becker, Mark.
Mark Becker: Georgia State University President
Georgia State University
Meet Georgia State University's chief executive. This site features his biography as well as archives of talks, speeches, messages, and statements.
Eileen H. Kramer

College Events
Georgia State University Perimeter College
See detailed descriptions of upcoming events. Descriptions include: dates, times and locations.
Eileen H. Kramer

Computer Labs
Georgia State University Technology Services

Find Windows and Mac computers, check out camera and multimedia equipment, use production and media software, get technical support and collaborate at a university Creation and Technology Lab (CATLAB).

Georgia State University Department of Public Safety.
Georgia State University
The mission of the Georgia State Police Department is to focus on safe campuses and communities by providing safety services through professional community-oriented policing. The department maintains visible and accessible protection to the university and business community to achieve its goals through visibility, service and security."

Georgia State University Library
Research Tools.
Georgia State University Library

A broad view of library resources including everything from the book catalog and article databases to Special Collections.
Eileen H. Kramer

Research Data Services Team
Data in the ATL.
Georgie State Uniersity Library
Georgia State University

#DataInTheATL is a speaker series hosted by Georgia State University Library that connects the university community with prominent members of the Atlanta data community. Invited speakers show the importance of data science in making informed decisions and how they use data analysis and expertise in their daily work.

Student Code of Conduct.
Georgia State University
A dense and somewhat legalistic, PDF, ebook, that details university guarantees of free speech, procedures for dealing with sexual harassment, its own version of due process, and penalties for academic dishonesty, among other topics.
Eileen H. Kramer

Student Organizations
Georgia State University Perimeter College

With more than 100 clubs or organizations, Perimeter College provides students a rich assortment of ways to get involved and meet others.

To see past Clarkston library displays, please visit the Display Archives.

Mi Voz Mi Vida

Lifestyles for Learning

Community College  Companion

Getting Things Done

101 Ways to make studying easier

Welcome to GSU

Welcome back students! This display name describes everything, and this display features books, audiobooks, and web sites to help you thrive, succeed, and explore as a new or returning member of the Panther family.

College Survival

Bernard, G. W. Studying at University: How to Adapt Successfully to College Life.
RoutledgeFalmer, 2003.
Call # LB2343.34.G7 B47 2003
Written by a university lecturer with vast experience of speaking to students about this nerve-wracking process, this engaging and accessible book is an indispensable companion for anyone who wants their move into higher education to be as informed and stress-free as possible.

Cahn, Victor. Conquering College: A Guide for Undergraduates,
R&L Education, 2009.
Call # Ebook Central LB2343.32 .C33 2009
igh school students receive a great deal of advice about gaining admission to college, but much less about what to do when they arrive there. More than ever, a college education represents a major investment of time and money. In this perceptive and witty guide, written by an experienced teacher and counselor of both high school and college students, Victor L. Cahn presents future undergraduates and their parents with a blueprint for how best to use these vital four years. With singular candor, he discusses the potential pitfalls and rewards of campus life, including the transition from high school; the challenges of academic, personal, and social freedom; and the opportunities offered by courses, professors, and extracurricular programs. All this information is presented in the context of one central theme: that college is preparation not simply.
ProQuest Ebook Central

Carter, Carol. Keys to College Success.
ompact. First ed., Pearson, 2014.
Call # Decatur LB2343.32 .C368 2015
Keys to College Success Compact helps students take ownership, develop academic and transferable skills, and show the results of commitment and action so they are well equipped with the concentration, commitment, focus, and persistence necessary to succeed.

Chediak, Alex. . Beating the College Debt Trap: Getting a Degree Without Going Broke,
Zondervan, 2015.
Call # LB2342 .C42 2015
Chediak gets into the nitty-gritty of how to get work and make money during the college years, pay off any loans quickly, spend less, save more, and stay out of debt for good. He also unpacks how to transition from college into career, honor God while achieving financial independence, and use your finances to make a positive, eternally-significant difference in the lives of others.

Crowther, Susan, et al. Lifestyles for Learning: the Essential Guide for College Students and the People Who Love Them,
Skyhorse Publishing, 2015.
Call # Newton LB2343.32 .C76 2015
The good news is that, with the right tools, students can create a college experience that is healthy, successful, and fits their own unique selves. Lifestyles for Learning explores the direct relationship between academic performance and key lifestyle factors: food, sleep, stress, movement, creativity, connection, addiction, and giving.

Feaver, Peter., et al. Getting the Best out of College.
Rev. and updated, 2nd ed., Ten Speed Press, 2012.
Call # EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Distilling more than fifty years of experience from some of the leading minds at top tier institutions, Getting the Best out of College reveals insider advice that makes the hefty price tag worth it: how to impress professors, live with a roommate, pick the best courses (and do well in them), design a meaningful transcript, earn remarkable internships, prepare for a successful career after graduation, and much more.
EBSCOHost eBook Collection

Fox, Gunnar. Kick Ass in College: A Guerrilla Guide to College Success.
1st ed., KickAssMedia, 2005.
Call # LB2343.32 .F69 2005
Guide to personal, social, and academic success in college from a student's perspective.

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Hanson, Jennifer. The Real Freshman Handbook: ATotally Honest Guide to Life on Campus,
Houghton Mifflin, 2002.
Call # LB2343.32 .H36 2002
Hanson gives readers a crash course in avoiding freshman year follies, from filling out roommate questionnaires and evaluating putative hangover remedies to writing papers and studying for exams.College-bound students will relish the down-to-earth advice.

Hobbs, Renee. Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative,
Temple University Press, 2016.
Call # Atlanta P96.M4 E87 2016
Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative provides a wide-ranging look at the origins, concepts, theories, and practices of the field. This unique, exciting collection of essays by a range of distinguished scholars and practitioners offers insights into the scholars and thinkers who fertilized the minds of those who helped shape the theory and practice of digital and media literacy education. Each chapter describes an individual whom the author considers to be a type of "grandparent." By weaving together two sets of personal stories--that of the contributing author and that of the key ideas and life history of the historical figure under their scrutiny--major concepts of digital media and learning emerge.

Kanar, Carol C. The Confident Student,
7th ed., Wadsworth, 2011.
Call # LB2395 .K325 2011
Building confidence through accomplishment remains at the heart of The Confident Student. This practical and accessible text features self-discovery, self-assessment and confidence-building activities to keep students motivated and help them develop the skills they need to be successful in all of their courses.

Khalfani-Cox, Lynnette. College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free.
First ed., Advantage World Press, 2015.
Call # LB2343.32 .K53 2015
College Secrets and its companion book, College Secrets for Teens, reveal the true costs of earning a college degree, including hidden higher-education expenses. The author then provides hundreds of money-saving ideas to help students and parents reduce or eliminate these expenses, such as tuition costs, room and board expesnes, activity fees, books and supplies, lifestyle costs, school surcharges and more.

Lawry, John D. College 101: A First-Year Reader,
McGaw-Hill College, 1999.
Call # LB2343.32 .C64 1999
College 101 is a thematically arranged reader designed to provide first-year students with a solid foundation for reflecting on -- and making the most of -- their college experience. The readings, -- which include professional essays, student essays, poems, short stories, letters, and a play, -- address issues of direct relevance to first-year students.

Lerner, Daniel, and Alan Schlechter. U Thrive : How to Succeed in College (and Life).
First ed., Little, Brown and Company, 2017.
Call # Decatur LB1062.6 .L47 2017
xplores how college students can improve their quality of life by building positive lifelong habits, addressing such topics as difficult roommates and overwhelming academic schedules

Newport, Cal. How to Win at College: Simple Rules for Success from Star Students.
1st ed., Broadway Books, 2005.
Call # LB2343.3 .N49 2005
What does it take to be a standout student? How can you make the most of your college years—graduate with honors, choose exciting activities, build a head-turning resume, and gain access to the best post-college opportunities? Based on interviews with star students at universities nationwide, from Harvard to the University of Arizona, How to Win at College presents seventy-five simple rules that will rocket you to the top of the class.

McCray, Suzanne, et al. Roads Less Traveled and Other Perspectives on Nationally Competitive Scholarships,
University of Arkansas Press, 2017
Call # Ebook Central LB2338
Applying for nationally competitive scholarships can be a daunting process for students. Thousands apply each year for scholarships with familiar names like the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Schwarzman, Fulbright, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, and Madison, or for one of many STEM opportunities like National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships or National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship.

Nist, Sherrie L., and Jodi. Holschuh College Rules! How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College,
Ten Speed Press, 2002.
Call # LB2343.32 .N57 2002
College can be the most exciting time in your life, but it also throws you into the deep end, with new academic and social responsibilities often seeming impossible to juggle. College Rules! will save you time and trouble, setting you up for academic success from the get-go.

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Back to School    Ultimate Study Skills Workbook

Rowh, Mark. Community College Companion: Everything You Wanted to Know about Succeeding in a Two-Year School,
Jist Works, 2011.
Call # EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
People are flocking to community colleges to train for jobs, upgrade their skills, or save money before transferring to a four-year school. This book provides helpful advice for making the most of the community college experience by explaining everything you need to know about community college certificate and degree options, financial aid, study skills, online courses, time management, career planning, campus resources, the transfer process, and much more.
EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection

Schoem, David Louis., and Lynn. Dunlap. College Knowledge for the Community College Student,
University of Michigan Press, 2011.
Call # Ebook Central LB2343.32 .S34 2011
College Knowledge for the Community College Student is a road map and tour guide for a successful community college experience and education. Tips are based on research and the wisdom and advice of other community college students and are designed to help students learn, succeed, graduate, and have a rewarding and fulfilling community college experience.
ProQuest Ebook Central

Sherfield, Robert M., et al. Cornerstone: Your Foundation for Discovering Your Potential, Learning Actively, and Living Well.
5th ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008.
Call # LB2343.32 .S53 2008
Finally, a textbook that actually uses reading and critical thinking strategies rather than just talking about them. This new, compelling fifth edition of Cornerstone: Discovering Your Potential, Learning Actively and Living Wellreflects a deeper focus on self-responsibility and active learning. It effectively utilizes SQ3R throughout, underscoring its importance to student success.

Shushan, Jamie H. A Pocket Guide to College Success,
Second ed., Bedford/St. Martin's, 2017.
Call # LB2343.32 .S554 2017
Offers practical coverage of the skills you need to survive and thrive on your journey--from your first day of college to graduation and beyond. This new edition will help you make the transition to college, stay motivated, set goals, and ask the right questions of the right people. This book is designed to help you drive your own success by regularly reflecting on your experiences, developing new skills, and creating a strong college support system

Silverman, Scott C., and Frances. Northcutt. How to Survive Your Freshman Year,
4th ed., Hundreds of Heads Books, 2010.
Call # Newton LB2343.32 .H68 2010
How to Survive Your Freshman Year offers incoming college freshmen the experience, advice, and wisdom of their peers: hundreds of other students who have survived their first year of college and have something interesting to say about it. Based on interviews with hundreds of college students at every type of higher-learning institution across the country, this book has insights on every aspect of college life, including, what to take to the dorm, living with roommates, Facebook and other social networks, extracurricular activities, choosing classes, studying, going abroad, finances, food, the social scene, doing laundry, staying in touch with friends and family, and much more.

Snyder, Thomas. The Community College Career Track: How to Achieve the American Dream without a Mountain of Debt,
Wiley, 2012.
Call # EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Get a good education without massive debt, and enter a field that's actually hiring In coming years, millions of great jobs will be opening up in growth areas like advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, health care, information technology, and sustainable energy. These jobs can pay as well as, or much better than, the average income for four-year college graduates. They generally offer high levels of day-to-day satisfaction. And the path to all of them begins in the community colleges. In The Community College Career Track, Tom Snyder gives young people and their parents, as well as mid-life career changers, a practical, inspiring guide to taking that path and completing it successfully.
BSCOHost eBook Collection

Stack, Carol, and Ruth Vedvik. The Financial Aid Handbook: Getting the Education You Want for the Price You Can Afford,
Career Press, 2017.
Call # LB2337.4 .S68 2017
The Financial Aid Handbook is the only book families need to find the right college at the right price. This completely revised, up-to-date edition builds on the success of the original--the definitive, one-stop guide to the college selection and payment process, covering everything from basic timelines and tuition costs to predicting your scholarship award from colleges and taking ownership of student debt after graduation.

Tanabe, Gen and Kelly Tanabe. How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay,
SuperCollege, LLC, 2018.
Call #: EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Examining the two basic components of scholarship competition--essays and interviews--this vital guidebook offers practical advice and real-life examples to guide students through the entire application process. A roundtable panel of judges and applicants supply inside information regarding the winning qualities sought after by award-giving organizations and tips for finding scholarships by using books, the internet, personal connections, and sources in the community. With insight into the judges' criteria for a successful application, 30 previously awarded scholarship essays are thoroughly analyzed, from choice of topic to writing style. Revealing unique strategies for preparation and overcoming nervousness, this definitive resource also includes sample interview questions and answers.

Tanabe, Gen and Kelly Tanabe. 1001 Ways to Pay for College Strategies to Maximize Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants,
SuperCollege, 2015.
Call # EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Completely revised with updated descriptions, contact information, websites, and available monies, this guide to financing higher education is the only resource students need to fund their pursuit of knowledge. Balancing detailed explanations with real-life examples and practical resources, the featured topics include finding and winning scholarships, requesting a reassessment from colleges for more financial aid, maximizing assistance from state and federal governments, taking advantage of educational tax breaks, and benefiting from government-subsidized student loans. Creative strategies--such as starting profitable dorm-room enterprises, trading tuition costs for volunteer service, and canceling debts with loan-repayment programs--help students find extra money when more traditional routes are exhausted. The provided tips are designed for students of all ages and levels and their parents.

Thornburgh, Blair. Stuff Every College Student Should Know,
Quirk Books, 2014.
Call # Alpharetta LB2343.3 .T46 2014
Packed with tips, tricks, and handy lists, the book gives college kids the lowdown on everything from pulling all-nighters to navigating dorm room drama to actually doing their own laundry. Covering everything from move-in day to graduation, this pocket-size handbook is the perfect gift for high-school seniors . . . because textbooks can teach you only so much.

Weisman, Stefanie. The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College,
Sourcebooks, Inc., 2013.
Call # EBSCOHost eBook Collection LB1049 .W445 2013
Offers strategies for studying, learning, and staying motivated in high school and college, featuring advice on managing time, writing essays, taking tests, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Academic Success

Charity-Hudley, Anne H., et al. The Indispensable Guide to Undergraduate Research: Success in and Beyond College,
Teachers College Press, 2017.
Call # LB2369 .C473 2017
The authors introduce students to different types of research across the disciplines, showing them how to work with professors to build a course of study, how to integrate research work into coursework, and how to write and present research.

Downing, Skip. On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life.
ighth ed., Cengage Learning, 2017.
Call # LB2343.3 .D69 2017
On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life, 8th Edition, empowers you with the tools you need to take charge of your academic and lifelong success. A self-assessment at the beginning of the text helps you identify behaviors and beliefs you may wish to change in order to achieve more of your potential in college and in life. Through short articles and distinctive guided journal entries, the author encourages you to explore and develop eight keys to your success: personal responsibility, self-motivation, self-management, interdependence, self-awareness, lifelong learning, emotional intelligence, and self-esteem.

Jacobs, Lynn F., and Jeremy S. Hyman. The Secrets of College Success,
2nd ed., Jossey-Bass, 2013. br> Call # Ebook Central LB2343.32.J35 2013
The Secrets of College Success combines easy-to-follow tips that really work with insider information that few professors are willing to reveal. The over 800 tips in this book will show you how to: Pick courses and choose a major Manage your time and develop college-level study skills Get on top of the core requirements Get good grades and avoid stress Interact effectively with the professor
ProQuest Ebook Central

Moore, Sarah et. al. The Ultimate Study Skills Workbook,
Open University Press, 2019.
Call # Ebook Central LB2395 .M66 2010
Covering all the core skills you will need to help you make the most of your university course, The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook is your key to success.
ProQuest Ebook Central

Mundsack, Allan., et al. How to Study: and Other Skills for Success in College,
5th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2003.
Call # LB2395 .M595 2003
A thorough revision of Morgan and Desse's classic handbook for students, in print since 1959. Although the material will be updated, reflecting the changes brought about by the computer revolution as well as by the general passage of time, the good, common sense advice that takes into account all the variables of student life will remain. Intended primarily for college-bound high school students and for students entering college, the book recognizes that how to study efficiently doesn't come naturally. Topics include the art of reading, getting the most out of textbooks and lectures, exam-taking strategies, writing papers and reports, using the library, and the special problems of studying math, science, and foreign languages.

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Newton, Cal. How to Become a Straight-A Student: The Unconventional Strategies Real College Students Use to Score High While Studying Less,
1st ed., Broadway Books, 2007.
Call # LB2395 .N515 2007
ffers time-management strategies, tips on taking tests, techniques for writing essays better and faster, and self-assessment tests to help students analyze their study skills.

Pauk, Walter., and Ross J. Q. Owens. How to Study in College.
9th ed., Houghton Mifflin Co., 2008.
Call # LB2395 .P3 2008
How to Study in College sets students on the path to success by helping them build a strong foundation of study skills, and learn how to gain, retain, and explain information.

Roubidoux, Susan Marie. 101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students: What Every Student Needs to Know Explained Simply,
Revised Second ed., Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc., 2015.
Call # LB2395 .R76 2015
By reading 101 Ways To Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students, you can improve the effectiveness of your studying. After all, effectiveness is not measured by the length of time spent studying or blankly staring at a textbook but by the level of comprehension.

Shatkin, Laurence. Panicked Student's Guide to Choosing a College Major: How to Confidently Pick Your Ideal Path,
JIST Pub., 2011.
Call #EBSCOHost Community College eBook Collection
Need to declare a major right now? Don't panic. Dr. Laurence Shatkin guides you step-by-step through a self-evaluation and research process that helps you confidently make the right college major decision. First, you learn about the key parts of a college major decision. Then you'll quickly and systematically pinpoint the best majors for your interests and skills. Next you'll narrow your choices into a personal ''hot list.'' Finally, you'll review college majors of interest along with their related careers to make your best choice.
EBSCOHost Community College eBook Collection

Van Blerkom, Dianna L. College Study Skills: Becoming a Strategic Learner,
5th ed., Thomson Wadsworth, 2006.
Call # LB2395 .V36 2006
LB2395 .V36 200
Learn how to learn more effectively! This comprehensive text helps you identify your learning style and select the most appropriate learning strategies for you. With hands-on self assessment tools and examples of how different learning strategies are applied, this book will help you get the most out of the college learning experience!

Beyond the Answer Sheet    How to Become a Straight A Student

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Time Management

Allen, David. Getting Things Done,
ound Ideas/Simon & Schuster Audio, 2002.
Call # CD BF637.T5 A452 2002
Experienced management consultant and trainer David Allen acknowledges that time management is futile the minute a schedule is interrupted. In Getting Things Done, Allen presents a simple premise: one's ability to relax is directly proportional to productivity.

Allen David. Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity,
Penguin, 2003.
Call # BF637.T5 A45 2001b
eteran coach and management consultant Allen shares the breakthrough methods for stress-free performance that he has introduced to thousands. He shows how to assess goals, relax, and stay focused.

Blanchard, Kenneth H., et al. The One Minute Manager,
Harper Audio, 2003.
Call # CD HD31 .B5272 2003
The One Minute Manager is a concise, easily read story demonstrating three very practical management techniques. The story unfolds to reveal several studies in medicine and the behavioral sciences that explain clearly why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people.

Burton, Valorie. How Did I Get so Busy? The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time, Reclaim Your Schedule, and Reconnect with What Matters Most,
Waterbrook Press, 2007.
Call # BF637.T5 B87 2007b
Valorie Burton’s How Did I Get So Busy? is the solution for anyone who feels perpetually overwhelmed and overworked: a simple, effective 28-day program to help you rediscover your true priorities, shift out of overdrive, and reclaim your life and schedule.

Rizzo, Paula. Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed,
First ed., Viva Editions, 2014.
Call # BF503 .R59 2014
f you're part of the [37% of people who don't make to-do lists] and feel like you're chasing your own tail I've got news for you: it doesn't have to be that way. You can still find time to relax, read a good book, and do the things you love. Listful Thinking is the book that will give you your life back. It will show you how to save time, be more organized, be more productive, save money, and reduce stress.

Vanderkam, Laura. 168 Hours: You Have More Time than You Think,
Portfolio, 2010.
Call # HD69.T54 V36 2010
Explains how to reorganize and prioritize a weekly schedule in order to meet the demands of today's high-pressure lifestyles while still making time for personal needs and interests.

168 Hours    Community College Book of Knowledge

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