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On Display at Clarkston: March 2013

A guide for the content of Georgia State Unierversity's Perimeter College Clarkston Library's bulletin board displays.

March 2013

Featured Web Sites

Arts -- Bodyart -- Bodypainting -- Mehndi

A meta-site listing an assortment of links to pages about henna, henna-painting, and mehndi. Note: some of these links may be commercial.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Brain, Marshall
How Hair Coloring Works

In this article, we'll tackle the most important questions about hair coloring…Don't worry -- we'll fill you in on how to prevent blunders as well as how to deal with them when they occur.

Cosmetic Surgery

An extensive web page that explains the psychological and safety considerations surrounding cosmetic surgery and offers links to other sites to detail the procedures.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Dr Susan Taylor's Rx for Brown Skin
Beyond Botox
Living Color
It's All Good Hair
Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients

United States Food and Drug Administration

A gateway to articles about cosmetic safety, terminology, and regulation. Emphasis is on consumer health and safety.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

For the Public
American Academy of Dermatology

A portal with links to articles on various aspects of skin health as well as procedures and lifestyle changes that enhance and improve one's appearance.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Greenberg, Corey.
How to Get that Perfect Shave

Today’s Tech Editor Corey Greenberg is here with the latest trend in male grooming that promises a better shave by going back to the old school.

All About Skin Care
Why are Black Women Losing their hair?
Tattoo Machine

So you want to shave your head? Information and advice on head-shaving, including a how-to guide, reviews of head-shaving products, and other handy tips.

MedlinePlus -- Cosmetics
National Library of Medicine

This site offers links to "overviews," and articles about cosmetics and cosmetic procedures such as permanent make up. Some of the articles are in PubMed (Medline) and are not full text.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Michalak, Jodi
Henna, Mehndi, and Body Paint

Adorn and decorate your body with all types of art. From temporary tattoos to ancient Henna practices, the world of body art is a creative and vast. Source:

Michalak, Jodi
Tattoos/Body Piercings

A site offering articles and links that cover all aspects of tattooing including tattoo art, body painting, safety consideratinos, and more.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Murphy, Pat.
Better Hair Through Chemistry
The Exploratorium

Explains the science of hair and hair color along with precautions for safe hair dying without unexpected results.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

Sands, Liz.
Bodies of Cultures
Penn Museum

People around the world have been piercing, tattooing, and painting their bodies for ages. There's excellent evidence of this in the galleries of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, some of it dating as far back as the 9th century B.C. Body modification and what it means is personal and cultural.

Skin and Hair

A multipage pamphlet on caring for your skin and hair. Emphasis is on health disorders, but also covers a variety of beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery. There are links for more information on the last pages. This publication is a PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Source: Eileen H. Kramer

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Is Lighter Better
Bodies of Inscription
Curly Girl
The World of Tattoo
Body Oils and Butters
Ink: The Not Just Skin Deep Guide to Getting a Tattoo

Love it, hate it, or anything in between, it is hard NOT to care about your skin or hair. This display covers hair and skin care, cosmetics and hairstyles, body painting, piercing, and the social aspects of skin color, tattooing, and more.

The Skin You're In

Skin Care

Baumann, Leslie.
The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to your Best Skin Ever. New York: Bantam Books, 2006.
Call Number: RL87 .B366 2006

A dermatologist introduces a program designed to identify individual skin types from among sixteen different categories and suggest the right products, procedures, and skin-care regimen for each type.

Callan, Annette.
All About Skin Care: A Guide for Women. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.
Call Number: RL87 .A388 2000

This volume offers sensible and practical advice on skin care and conditions for females of all ages - from infancy to dotage.

Downie, Jeannine, Fran Cook-Bolden, and Barbara Nevins Taylor.
Beautiful Skin and Color: A Comprehensive Guide to Asian, Olive, and Dark Skin. New York: Regan Books, 2004.
Call Number: RL87 .D69 2004

A comprehensive guide for treating and caring for darker skin combines the wisdom of two physicians and an Emmy-winning reporter to present a beauty regimen especially designed for women of color.

Jaliman, Debra.
Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2012.
Call Number:RL87 .J35 2012

Skin Rules is a concise and practical instruction manual from a renowned Fifth Avenue dermatologist on how to attain beautiful skin, a taut and sculpted body, and a much younger appearance.

Kaminski, Ben and Howard Kaminsky.
Beyond Botox: 7 Strategies for Sexy, Ageless Skin without Needles or Surgery. New York: Springboard Press, 2006.
Call Number: RL87 .K26 2006

In Beyond Botox, Kaminsky provides a groundbreaking 7-step plan to help skin look younger and sexier...without Botox or surgical procedures.

Leffell, David J.
Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Skin Health for Life. New York: Hyperion, 2000.
Call Number: RL87 .L366 2000

A handbook for adults of all ages and ethnic backgrounds combines practical advice with the latest medical research to discuss the fundamental principles of good skin care, offering tips on how to understand, improve, care for, and heal one's skin, regardless of age.

Light, Douglas B.
Cells, Tissues, and Skin. New York: Chelsea House, 2009.
Call Number: Dunwoody QH582.5 .L522 2009

Cells, Tissues, and Skin explores the properties of each of these components in our bodies.

Taylor, Susan C.
Dr. Susan Taylor's Rx for Brown Skin: Your Prescription for Flawless Skin, Hair, and Nails. New York: Amistad, 2008.
Call Number: RL87 .T384 2008

This book will help you enhance and protect the health and beauty of your brown skin, as well as your hair and nails.

Turkington, Carol and Jeffrey S. Dover.
The Encyclopedia of skin Disorders. New York: Facts on File, 2002.
Call Number: RL41 .T87 2002

This is the book to turn to to find out why one shouldn't wear makeup during air travel until a few minutes before landing; why a southwestern critter with a name as innocuous as the Kissing Bug should be avoided if at all possible; whether you really do want to wash your face, and if so, how; or which slug's shells are crushed and used to provide the reddish pigment in many cosmetics.

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Hair Care

Arrojo, Nick.
Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day. New York: St. Martin's, 2008.
Call Number: TT972 .A77 2008

The hair stylist from the hit TLC show What Not to Wear offers women a complete guide to great-looking hair, sharing his personal styling secrets and offering practical advice on how to avoid outdated styles and unflattering cuts, identify hair type, choose the proper style and color to enhance one's image, and select the right hair care products.

Barry, Fletcher.
Why are Black Women Losing Their Hair? Seat Pleasant, MD: Unity Publishers Inc., 2000.
Call Number: TT972 .F54 2000

The first complete guide to healthy hair with contributions from medical experts. This book has everything from personal testimonies to complete chapters and full color descriptions on: hair loss prevention, holistic treatments, chemical destruction aids and prevention, natural hair care and hair growth remedies.

Bonner, Lonnice Brittenum.
Nice Dreads: Hair Care Basics and Inspiration for Colored Girls Who've Considered Locking Their Hair. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2005.
Call Number: RA778.4.A36 B663 2005

In Nice Dreads, Lonnice Brittenum Bonner, the author of the classic Good Hair, shares her secrets and personal stories about dreadlocks—from cultivating buds to keeping those locks looking their best!

Bonner, Lonnice Brittenum.
Plaited Glory: For Colored Girls Who've Considered Braids, Locks, and Twists. New York: Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1996.
Call Number: TT975 .B63 1996

From the uptown micro braid to the simple cornrow, braids, locks and twists have come into their own. Plaited Glory gives the lowdown on everything from choosing a braiding salon to differentiating between styles and their costs. More than a "hair-do" book, this is a hari primer with a cultural twist.

Collison, Michele.
It's All Good Hair: The Guide to Styling and Grooming Black Children's Hair. New York: Amistad Press, 2002.
Call Number: TT972 .C59 2002

Learn the tricks and techniques for today's most popular hairstyles with the easy-to-follow steps found in It's All Good Hair. It features hair-care and styling tips from a variety of experts, and you'll learn all the secrets to braiding, relaxing, and locking, as well as discover many other creative styling ideas.

Davis-Sivasothy, Audrey
The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care. Stafford, TX: Saja Pub., 2011.
Call Number: TT972 .D38 2011

The Science of Black Hair is the ultimate consumer textbook on black hair care. Technically oriented and detailed throughout, this book was written with the serious hair care consumer in mind. Hair science, research and testimony combine in this carefully written text designed to examine black hair on a deeper level. With its light academic style it is truly the last hair book you'll ever need.

Dickey, A.
Hair Rules! The Ultimate Hair-care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair. New York: Villard, 2003.
Call Number: RL91 .D535 2003

This book is chock-full of simple tips for all types of curly hair and covers everything from the best shampoos and conditioners to use, to damage-free hair-drying (dust off that hood dryer!), the use of natural oils, and the safest coloring, styling, and chemical relaxing techniques--as well as guidelines for maintaining healthy, gorgeous hair.

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Friend, Alexandra and Sheridan Ward.
Pro Hair Care: Salon Secrets of the Professionals. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2010.
Call Number: TT972 .F72 2010

Pro Hair Care is a comprehensive guide to hair health and hairstyles that provides sound advice and shows readers how to create a wide range of looks.

Kingsley, Philip.
The Hair Bible: A Complete Guide to Health and Care. London: Aurum, 2003.
Call Number: RL91 .K534 2003

Whether you consider your hair to be your crowning glory, a problem that just won't go away or something that is going away all too fast, this book will provide you with help, reassurance and practical advice that can be put to immediate, beneficial use. Whatever your age, sex or race, 'The Hair Bible' provides a complete guide to preserving and enhancing the health and appearance of your hair.

Kobren, Spencer David.
The Bald Truth: The First Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Hair Loss. New York: Pocket Books, 2000.
Call Number: RL155 .K63 2000

In this comprehensive, authoritative book, Kobren examines the largely unregulated baldness treatment industry and tells how, after years of research, he successfully treated his own hair loss -- and how you can too.

LaFlesh, Teri.
Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long, and Strong. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2010.
Call Number: TT972 .L24 2010

End your struggles with misunderstood, damaged hair and begin your journey to thriving natural curls. Applying the ideas and information in this book will show you how to love your hair the way it really is. Curly Like Me empowers you to take back the care of your hair so you can let your own beautiful curls shine.

Massey, Lorraine, Michele Bender, and Gabriele Revere.
Curly Girl: The Handbook. New York: Workman Pub., 2010.
Call Number: RL91 .M278 2010

Provides tips for curly hair, including shampooing, conditioners, drying, combing, styling, getting the right cut, and how to heal hair after years of strong detergents and damaging blow dryers.

Williams, Jena Renee and Maria Cassandra Odom.
Kinki Kreations: A Parent's Guide to Natural Black Hair Care for Kids. New York: Harlem Moon, 2004.
Call Number: RL91 .W53 2004

Provides information on child hair care for kinky, curly, or wavy hair and step-by-step instructions for styles that can be created in less than fifteen minutes including braids, cornrows, and twists.

Natural Beauty at Home  The Bald Truth
Kinki Kreations  Hair Rules
Nice Dreads  Plaited Glory
Original Skin  Skin Type Solution
Cosmetic Dermatology

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Begoun, Paula.
The Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty. Seattle, WA: Beginning Press, 2002.
Call Number: RL87 .B396 2002

Myriad new formulas, outrageous claims, and hot controversies run rampant in the cosmetics industry. This second edition of The Beauty Bible will help clear up the confusion. From tanning pills to oxygen in products, from facial exercises to behind-the-scenes industry information, this book covers it all.

Begoun, Paula and Bryan Barron.
Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me: A Unique Guide to Thousands of Skin-Care and Cosmetic Products, Plus the Latest Research on Keeping Skin Beautiful at Every Age. Renton, WA: Beginning Press, 2008.
Call Number: RA778 .B457 2008

A consumer advocate rates and evaluates cosmetics, explains the types of ingredients they contain, and offers advice on skin care.

Begoun, Paula and DPTV Media.
The Cosmetics Cop with Paula Begoun. DPTV Media, 2009.
Call Number: DVD RA778 .C75 2009

This DVD includes the cosmetics industry's biggest myths providing women (and men) powerful know-how to utilize when selecting skin-care products.

The 5 Minute Face: The Quick & Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman. New York: HC, 2007.
Call Number: RA778 .C2167 2007

You're only five minutes away from your most beautiful face--and celebrity makeup guru Carmindy is here to show you how. The key isn't expensive cosmetics, complicated makeup regimens, or cluttering your bathroom counter with bottles and tubes--it's using the right products in the right places to enhance your own unique, natural beauty.

Chang-Babian, Taylor.
Asian Faces: The Essential Beauty and Makeup Guide for Asian Women. New York: Penguin Group, 2007.
Call Number: RA778 .C376 2007

A professional makeup artist offers a beauty guide designed to meet the special needs of Asian women, bringing together techniques, tools, and styles to enhance skin tones and facial features.

Cox, Janice.
Natural Beauty at Home: More than 250 Easy-to-use Recipes for Body, Bath, and Hair. New York: H. Holt, 2002.
Call Number: RA778 .C755 2002

Natural Beauty at Home includes over two hundred of Janice Cox's recipes (many have been passed down through three generations of her family) for everything from shampoo and mouthwash to face masks and lip gloss, so readers can customize their beauty regimen, save money, and have fun, all at once.

Spillane, Mary and christine Sherlock.
Color me Beautiful's Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup, and Style. Lanham, MD: Madison Books, 1995.
Call Number: RA778 .S733 1995

Offers advice for choosing flattering colors and clothes and for creating an image to reflect personality

Stavert, Elaine.
Beauty Olis & Butters. Lewes, UK: Guild of Master Craftsman, 2010.
Call Number: RL87 .S678 2010

Create 30 sensuous beauty delights! These all-natural treats are perfect for what ails you, with recipes to suit every mood and soothe every part of the body. Pamper yourself from head to toe with lavish products ranging from facial oils to foot treatments. A directory explains the skin-enhancing benefits of different ingredients, and the recipes give suggestions for alternative blends.

Winter, Ruth.
A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients: Complete Information about the Harmful and Desirable Ingredients Found in Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2005.
Call Number: TP983.A55 W57 2005

Take the guesswork out of choosing safe and effective cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

Yarosh, Daniel.
The New Science of Perfect Skin: Understanding Skin Care Myths and Miracles for Radiant Skin at any Age. New York: Broadway Books, 2008.
Call Number: RL87 .Y37 2008

Today there are plenty of true skin-care miracles that can deliver amazing results, and in The New Science of Perfect Skin, Yarosh gives you everything you need to identify and choose the best, most-effective products—without blowing your beauty budget.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Baumann, Leslie.
Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice. Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice. New York: McGraw-Hill Medical, 2009.
Call Number: Ebooks on EBSCOHost RL87 .B365 2009

Cosmetic Dermatology offers complete coverage of the latest, most effective skin care agents and procedures. Spanning the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology, it takes you through the most current medications, cosmeceuticals, and procedures.

Jones, Meredith.
Skintight: An Anatomy of Cosmetic Surgery. New York: Berg, 2008.
Call Number: RD520 .J58 2008

Presenting a multidisciplinary approach, and examining a wide range of popular culture case studies from women's magazines, television, architecture and the Internet amongst others, Skintight dissects the realities of cosmetic surgery and culture.

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Body Art

Dinter, Maarten Hesself van.
The World of Tattoo: An Illustrated History. Amsterdam, Netherlands: KIT, 2005.
Call Number: GT2345 .D56 2005

This new volume conveys the richness of the history of tattooing from antiquity to the present day. Unlike most other tattoo books that describe one aspect this book conveys the overall picture.

Gilbert, Stephen G.
The Tattoo History Source Book: A Source Book, An Anthology of Historical Records of Tattoing Throughout the World. New York: Juno Books, 2000.
Call Number: GN419.3 .G56 2000

The Tattoo History Source Book is an exhaustingly thorough, lavishly illustrated collection of historical records of tattooing throughout the world, from ancient times to the present.

Green, Terisa.
Ink: The Not-Just-Skin-Deep Guide to Getting a Tattoo. New York: New American Library, 2005.
Call Number: GT2345 .G735 2005

An entertaining, fact-filled handbook for anyone considering whether or not to get a tattoo furnishes practical suggestions on how to select the right tattoo, find a tattoo artist, the long-term effects of tattooing one's body, health concerns, and more.

Green, Terisa.
The Tattoo Encyclopedia: A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo. New York: Fireside, 2003.
Call Number: GT2345 .G74 2003

A comprehensive, informative exploration of the colorful world of tattoos, The Tattoo Encyclopedia presents concise descriptions of symbols both common and unusual and sheds light on their historic, religious, and cultural significance.

Irish, Lora S.
Modern Tribal Tattoo Designs. East Petersburg, PA: Fox Chapel Pub., 2009.
Call Number: GT2347 .I65 2009

Inspired by traditional tribal tattoos, this collection of new artwork is an excellent sourcebook for bold and interesting designs from a range of cultural and historical sources.

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Kitamura, Takahiro.
Tattooing from Japan to the West: Horitaka Interviews Contemporary Artists. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Pub., 2005.
Call Number: GT2345 .K57 2005

Meet twenty-six leading contemporary tattoo artists. Interviews and over 425 exciting color photos of their artwork, from tattoos to paintings, make this an invaluable tattoo resource.

Miller Jean-Chris
The body Art Book: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Tattoos, Piercings, and Other body Modifications. New York: Berkley, 2004.
Call Number: GT2343 .M55 2004

From choosing style and placement, to finding the right artist, to ensuring safety and proper care (and even correcting or removing unwanted body art), The Body Art Book covers not only tattoos and piercings, but a variety of alternative body modifications. Filled with insider's secrets, hands-on advice, and a directory of services worldwide, it's the most complete and informative body art book available

Noble, Marty.
Mehndi Designs: Traditional Henna Body Art. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 2004.
Call Number: GT2343 .N63 2004

Scores of lovely designs, adapted from authentic images used in the ancient art of henna body painting, incorporate scores of lovely patterns. Used to cover hands, forearms, and feet during celebrations, these 166 black-and-white designs include fine line, lacy, and paisley motifs, as well as assorted floral borders, heart-shaped insets, and repeat patterns.

Reardon, John.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo. New York: Alpha Books, 2008.
Call Number: GT2345 .R43 2008

Discusses the history, social aspects, and styles of tattoos, outlines the process of getting a tattoo, and explains how to care for one afterwards.

Ritz, David and Rolling Stone. Ritz, David and Rolling Stone.
Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art. Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Co., 2002.
Call Number: GT2345 .T375 2002

One hundred photographs from Rolling Stone magazine celebrate the art of the tattoo in shots of musicians, actors, and other pop icons, including Drew Barrymore, Eminem, Melissa Etheridge, and Ozzy Osborne.

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Social and Cultural Aspects of Hair and Skin

Arogundade, Ben.
Black Beauty: A History and a Celebration. New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2000.
Call Number: E185.625 .A76 2000

Through over 150 color and black and white photographs and an engaging, informed text, Black Beauty discusses the position of blacks within the beauty hierarchy of the West, as well as the kinds of work available to black models within the past century.

Cunningham, Michael.
Queens: Portraits of Black Women and their Fabulous Hair New York: Doubleday, 2005.
Call Number: Decatur TR681.W6 C86 2005

A celebration of African-American women and their unique hairstyles presents more than fifty photographs, along with personal narratives that explore the relationship with hair and beauty that has long been a part of African-American culture.

Cuskelly, Mayrose.
Original Skin: Exploring the Marvels of the Human Hide. Berkeley, CA: Counterpoint, 2011.
Call Number: QM481 .C87 2011

Original Skin is at times a scientific study, remarking on the biological magic behind the human body's largest organ. At others it becomes an anthropological survey, dissecting separate societies' attitudes towards bare bodies, and the motives behind cultural rituals such as tattoos.

DeMello, Margo.
Bodies of Inscription: A Cultural History of the Modern Tattoo Community. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2000.
Call Number: GT2346.U6 D45 2000

This ethnography of tattooing in America makes a substantive contribution to the history of tattooing in addition to relating how communities form around particular traditions and how the traditions themselves change with the introduction of new participants.

DeMello, Margo.
Encyclopedia of Body Adornment. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2007.
Call Number:GN419.15 . D46 2007

It is clear that adorning and modifying the body is a central human practice. Over 200 entries address the major adornments and modifications, their historical and cross-cultural locations, and the major cultural groups and places in which body modification has been central to social and cultural practices.

Good Hair. Santa Monica, CA: Lionsgate, 2010.
Call Number: DVD TT972 .G66 2010

Comedian Chris Rock tackles the very personal issue of hair, and how attaining good hair can impact African American's activities, relationships, wallets, and a self-esteem.

Jablonski, Nina G.
Living Color: The Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2012.
Call Number: GN197 .J34 2012

This book investigates the social history of skin color from prehistory to the present, showing how our body's most visible trait influences our social interactions in profound and complex ways.

Jablonski, Nina G.
Skin: A Natural History. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2006.
Call Number: QP88.5 .J33 2006

Skin: A Natural History celebrates the evolution of three unique attributes of human skin: its naked sweatiness, its distinctive sepia rainbow of colors, and its remarkable range of decorations.

Jacobs-Huey, Lanita.
From the Kitchen to the Parlor: Language and Becoming in African American Women's Hair Care. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.
Call Number: TT972 .J33 2006

Documenting the politics of African American women's hair, this multi-sited linguistic ethnography explores everyday interaction in beauty parlors, Internet discussions, comedy clubs, and other contexts to illuminate how and why hair matters in African American women's day-to-day experiences.

Johnson, Jeff.
Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories, and my Life in Ink. New York: Spiegel and Grau, 2009.
Call Number: GT5960.T362 U654 2009

In Tattoo Machine, Johnson illuminates a world where art, drama, and commerce come together in highly entertaining theater. A tattoo shop is no longer a den of outcasts and degenerates, but a place where committed and schooled artists who paint on living canvases develop close bonds and bitter rivalries, where tattoo legends and innovators are equally revered, and where the potential for disaster lurks in every corner.

Lemma, Alessandra
Under the Skin: A Psychoanalytic Study of Body Modification. New York: Routledge, 2010.
Call Number:eBooks on EBSCOHost GT2345 .L46 2010eb

Under the Skin considers the motivation behind why people pierce, tattoo, cosmetically enhance, or otherwise modify their body, from a psychoanalytic perspective.

Pitts-Taylor, Victoria.
In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
Call Number: GN419.15 .P57 2003

The 1990s saw the dramatic rise of spectacular forms of body modification, which included the tattoo renaissance and the rise in body piercing, the emergence of neo-tribal practices like scarification and flesh hanging, and the invention of new, high-tech forms of body art like subdermal implants. This book, based on years of interviews with body modifiers throughout the United States, is both sympathetic and critical and provides the most comprehensive look at this phenomenon.

Rondilla, Joanne L. and Paul R. Spickard.
Is Lighter Better? Skin-tone Discrimination and Asian-Americans. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2007.
Call Number: E184.A75 R66 2007

Colorism is defined as "discriminatory treatment of individuals falling within the same 'racial' group on the basis of skin color." In other words, some people, particularly women, are treated better or worse on account of the color of their skin relative to other people who share their same racial category. Colorism affects Asian Americans from many different backgrounds and who live in different parts of the United States. Is Lighter Better? discusses this often-overlooked topic.

Seagrave, Kerry.
Baldness: A Social History. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008.
Call Number: Dunwoody RL155 .S44 2008

Each year, men spend an enormous amount of time and money searching for a cure to male pattern baldness. Numerous psychological assessments indicate that the reasons behind their futile efforts are sound: attitudes toward bald men are overwhelmingly negative.

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