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On Display at Clarkston: April 2018

A guide for the content of Georgia State Unierversity's Perimeter College Clarkston Library's bulletin board displays.

April 2018

Altered, Book, and Paper Art Web Sites

Aldis Harry G.
"The Printed Book,"
Lost Crafts -- Preserving the Crafts of Yesterday,
Phoenix Garage Doors,

A series of chapters within a multi-eBook cite that covers the history of the craft of making books.
Eileen H. Kramer

Carlier, Ellen.
Papier-Mache Art,
Ellen Carlier,
The principal objective of this site is to show how interesting it can be to work with papier-mache, as it is an outstanding material to create various objects according to one's own inspiration.

Dormody, Deb and If'n Books + Marks.
Deb Dormody,
Take a tumble through high definition photos of book binding as high and gorgeous art.
Eileen H. Kramer

Book Binding by Cambras

Spray Paint Paper Crafts

Real Life Journals

Hwang, Cheong-Ah
Cheong-Ah Hwang
The paper relief sculptures (or "paper sculpture" for short) I make usually have multiple layers of paper that are cut, creased, or embossed. The image is depicted on a flat surface like 2 dimensional art, creating an illusion of 3 dimensions by assembling the layers at different depths.

International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction
International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction
International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction
The IMCAC is dedicated to the collection, study and exhibition of collage, assemblage, construction, montage, photo-montage, digital collage, concrete poetry, collage poetry, film, sound collage, and other constructive arts. Collage and Assemblage art covers a wide gamut from modern art to pop art to abstract art, it can show up in mail art, avant garde art, constructivist art and often is the preferred medium of the revolutionary artist through the juxtaposition of elements to create a jarring or shocking effect.

Matthews, Kim.
Kim Matthews: Sculptor
Kim Matthews
There is nearly no writing on this site, but the images of sculptures, free standing, hanging, small and larage, speak volume. So too do the drawings. Get ready to feast your eyes!
Eileen H. Kramer

Painted Paper

1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse

Making Art from Maps

North American Quilling Guild
North American Quilling Guild
North American Quilling Guild

Quilling, also known as Paper Filigree, Filigrana or filigree work, is the result of rolling or coiling thin strips of paper into delicate-looking shapes and using these pieces to form a design. This art form is very old and is traceable to the 15th century and possibly as early as the 13th or 14th century...Although quilling appears delicate and ornate, it is amazingly simple and inexpensive. Great satisfaction is gained from the versatility of creating unlimited designs.

Verheyen, Peter D
Book Arts Web
This is the home of the Book Arts Web which features links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including educational opportunities, professional organizations, tutorials, reference materials, and galleries with images.

Click on each thumbnail to see a full size image.

Fun with Paper Cameras

August's World


Magic Castle

Just a spot on the shelf

To see past displays, please visit the JCLRC's Display Archives.

You can do more with a book than just read it, and more with paper than write on it, fold it, spindle it, and throw it away. Books and paper can become sculpture, greeting cards, can make a statement, can provide inspiration to hands and imagination. Explore artworks by students at Perimeter College's Clarkston campus and read books on mixed media collage, bookbinding, and paper craft, and visit web sites on those themese too. Get inspired! Enjoy! Books: Altered Art

Bookbinding and Artful Books

Abbott, Kathy. Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide.
Crowwod Press, 2010.
Call #: Z271 .A13 2010
This practical guidebook introduces the techniques required to bookbind successfully. It looks at single-section, paperback, hardback and leather binding techniques, as well as other formating techniques such as slipcases and portfolio cases.

Cambras, Josep. Bookbinding: Techniques and Projects.
Barron's, 2007.
Call #: Z271 .C2613 2007
The ancient art and craft of bookbinding fulfills both practical and aesthetic functions. A book's binding protects its pages and print while also embellishing the volume's exterior, sometimes transforming an otherwise ordinary book into a true work of art.

Cogswell, Margaret Couch. Book Play: Creative Adventures in Handmade Books.
Lark Crafts, 2013.
Call #: Z246 .C38 2013
Make books as interesting as the stories you want to tell! In this inspiring guide, artist and teacher Margaret Couch Cogswell pushes the boundaries of bookmaking through twenty-two traditional and experimental projects.

Diehn, Gwen. Real Life Journals: Designing & Using Handmade Books.
Lark Books, 2010.
Call #: Z271 .D54 2010
Make books as interesting as the stories you want to tell! In this inspiring guide, artist and teacher Margaret Couch Cogswell pushes the boundaries of bookmaking through twenty-two traditional and experimental projects.

Ekrem, Erica. Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books.
Lark, 2015.
Call #: Z271 .E38 2015
ind a book beautifully, with these whimsical and stylish projects from bookbinder extraordinaire Erica Ekrem! With her novel approach to traditional techniques, and the use of repurposed materials, Ekrem has devised creative fun for book artists of all levels. Choose from three categories: Vintage, Nature, and Leather. Make books from mason jars and seashells, a classic leather-bound photo album, and other works of art.

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Golden, Alisa J. Painted Paper: Techniques & Projects for Handmade Books & Cards.
Sterling Pub. Co., 2008.
Call #: TT872 .G62 2008
Create decorated paper as beautiful as any found in an art store—and with more distinctive and personal patterns, too.

LaPlantz, Shereen Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals, and Albumbs.
Lark Books, 2000.
Call #: Z271 .L44 2000
A treat for lovers of books, papers, handcrafted beauty!...Even a beginner can start right out producing uniquely charming and elegant journals, albums, scrap books, and baby books as gifts or for their own writings...favorite 170 photos and hundreds of illustrations guide you through the basics of an almost infinite variety.

Lewis, Arthur William. Basic Bookbinding.
Dover Publications, 1957.
Call #: Z271 .L593 1957
tarting from basic principles and assuming no previous experience, this modern exposition of the elements of bookbinding enables both the beginner and the expert to apply the latest and most simplified techniques to rebinding old favorites and binding many new paperback books.

10 minute cards Step by Step Bookbinding

Stein, Jeannine. Adventures in Bookbinding: Handcrafting Mixed-Media Books.
Quary Books, 2011.
Call #: Z271 .S73 2011
Each project in this book combines bookbinding with a specific craft such as quilting, jewelry making, or polymer clay, and offer levels of expertise: basic, novice, and expert. Illustrated step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate how to construct the cover pages, and a unique binding technique, easy enough for a beginner to master.

Tourtillott, Suzanne J. E. Editor. 500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form.
Lark Crafts, 2008.
Call #: Z246 .A14 2008
To qualify for inclusion, each piece had to function like a book, but a number of the works also curl, hang, or swirl. While there are rectangular volumes, you'll find others that are circular, shaped like a house, and in completely abstract forms that will delight the eyes and imagination.

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Paper Craft

Andrus, Julia. Paper Transformed: A Hadbook of Surface-Design Reicpes and Creative Paper Projects.
Quarry Books, 2007.
Call #: TT870 .A476 2007
More than 100 of the latest recipes and techniques for making beatiful handmade paper designs.

Browning, Marie. Paper Crafts Workshop: A Beginner's Guide to Techniques and Projects.
Sterling Pub., 2007.
Call #: TT870 .B754 2007
hanks to a variety of new products and fresh designs, this comprehensive look at an age-old craft offers exciting projects with contemporary style! The first in the Paper Crafts Workshop series, it showcases a wide variety of beautiful creative techniques to try.

Fox, Tanya. 10-Minute Cards to Give & Share.
House of White Birches, 2006.
Call #: TT872 .A115 2006
ach of the 100+ projects in this book are designed to be created in 10 minutes or less and look like they took hours to complete.

Garner, Lynne. The Complete Book of Papercraft: Over 50 Designs for Handmade Paper, Cards, Gift-Wrapping, Decoupage, and Manipulating Paper.
St. Martin's Griffin, 2006.
Call #: TT870 .G37 2006
With a wide range of papermaking techniques and over 50 designs for handmade paper, cards, gift-wrapping, decoupage and manipulating paper this book will provide crafters with the ideas and inspiration to get started making paper or crafting with paper. It will appeal to the crafter who wants to both explore a variety of papercraft techniques and learn the basics of papermaking.

Krylon. Spray Paint Paper Crafts: Creative Fun with Krylon.
Lark Books, 2006.
Call #: TT870 .S6735 2006
Krylon's state-of-the-art and easy-to-use spray paints and finishes are great tools for taking paper crafting from ho-hum to innovative.

Lark Crafts. Beautiful Paper Cutting: 30 Creative Projects for Cards, Gifts, Decoar and Jewelry.
Lark, 2015.
Call #: TT870 .B255 2015
asy, beautiful, and inspiring, these projects come from more than a dozen of Etsy's finest paper designers. Cynthia Shaffer, Ellen Deaking, Rachel & Morgan, and other top artists have created fun-to-make cut-paper items that range from a pretty frame decorated with paper flowers to lanterns, mobiles, stationery, garlands, and matryoshka dolls. Simple, accessible, and affordable, this colorful collection will delight paper crafters.

Leisure Arts Inc. The Ultimate Paper Crafts Collection: Clever cards and Paper Crafts for Every Occaision.
Leisure Arts, Inc., 2005.
Call #: TT870 .U49 2005
Presenting over 650 inspiring projects and ideas from Paper crafts magazine and its Stamp it! special editions, with a wealth of keepsake cards, albums, tags and other paper crafts to make for loved ones on all occasions.

Quinnell, Justin and Josh Buczynski. Build Fun Paper Cameras: Take Eye-Catching Pinhole Photos.
Lark Books, 2009.
Call #: TR268 .Q56 2009
Even in the age of digital, we can have plenty of creative fun the low-tech (and low-cost) way: by building cool paper cameras and exploring the fascinating world of pinhole photography.

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Mixed Media Collage and Upcycling

Arendt, Madeleine. Altered Art for the First Time.
Sterling Pub., 2005.
Call #: TT896.3 .A74 2005
Altered art is one of the hottest new crafts--but for the uninitiated, it can seem intimidating. Not anymore, with all the basics outlined in a simple question-and-answer format and shown in plenty of sparkling, detailed how-to photos. Find out the best type of books to alter, as well as the right adhesives and paints to use. As your skill develops, the alteration thrill will inevitably build, and so there are also projects for transforming more than just books--including making pendants out of matchboxes and gum tins, and revitalizing purses and luggage.

Berry, Jill K. Making Art from Maps
Rockport Publishers, 2016.
Call #: TT870 .B4674 2016
rom origami to paper cutting and decoupage, love of paper crafting has soared, and with it the variety of paper types used by artists. Among these are maps - an apt choice for any crafter: they're easy to find, often free, meant to be folded, and their colorful surfaces add an allure of travel to every project.

Boerens, Trice. The Complete Photo Guide to Paper Crafts.
Creative Pub. International, 2009.
Call #: TT870 .B585 2009
his book provides a reference for all kinds of crafts that involve decorative papers. It includes step-by-step photographed instructions for a wide range of techniques as well as projects to accompany each area of paper crafting. This is a comprehensive guide.

Harrison, Holly. Mixed-Media Collage: An Exploration of Contemporary Artists, Methods, and Materials.
Quarry Books, 2007.
Call #: TT910 .H358 2007
Mixed-media collage artists are embracing, unearthing, and reconstructing the flotsam and jetsam of modern life with abandon, integrating discards along with a range of art materials and novel techniques to create compelling, new works.

Johnson, Garth. 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew.
Quarry Books, 2009.
Call #: TT157 .J594 2009
Artists and crafters have always been recyclers, but for many, it has not only become a thrifty choice, it has become a moral imperative. The work in this book ranges from clever and humble personal accessories to unique and important large-scale works of art, including paper art, fashion, jewelry, housewares, interiors, and installations.

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McKinnon, Kate. The Jewelry Architect: Techniques + Projects for Mixed-Media Jewelry.
Inerweave Press, 2011.
Call #: TT212 .M39254 2011
nnovative jewelry artist Kate McKinnon takes you on a creative journey of techniques and projects in "The Jewelry Architect" as she uses a variety of materials and tools to create gallery-quality bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Features jewelry making tips and 16 gorgeous fashion-forward projects.

Seo, Danny and Jennifer Levy. Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff you Already Have.
Running Press Book Publishers, 2011.
Call #: TT145 .S46 2011
resents over one hundred projects for creative "upcycling"--Using used and recycled products to create decorative items in the home, including leather belt doormats, bathroom towel picnic baskets, and a jar lid dining table.

Shoup, Kate. Rubbish: Resue your Refuse.
Wiley Pub., 2008.
Call #: TT157 .S44 2008
Want to know what goodies you can make with your garbage? This book shows you how to give everyday household items a new life?the hip craftster's way.

Taylor, Terry. The Artful Storybook: Mixed-Media Artists Create Handmade Tales.
Lark Books, 2008.
Call #: TT157 .T43 2008
Once upon a time… storybooks held a special place in our lives, filling our hearts with wonder. Thanks to this extraordinary crafting anthology we can experience that magic again in a marvelous new way by recreating and reinterpreting the picture book.

Wasinger, Susan. Eco-Craft: Recycle, Recraft, Restyle.
Lark Books, 2009.
Call #: T157 .W3567 2009
Who knew taking care of the planet could look so good? Eco Craft shows how, with 30 truly beautiful home d cor projects that elevate environmental consciousness to stylish new heights.

Paper Transformed   Eco Craft   Cover to Cover

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