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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Stage and Screen

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Stage and Screen

Stage and Screen

This is the branch for any topic dealing with movies, television, or the theater. Historical topics or literary ones are Arts and Humanities. YouTube and social networks belong in the Internet branch, but if it's popular and on a stage or screen, this is the place for it.


How much of Heath Ledger's popularity is due to his untimely demise?

How accurate a picture of upper class teenage life does Gossipgirl really offer? (Note this is actually a fairly sophisticated social science topic)

Discuss the relationship between a star (or stars in general) and the papparazzi? (Is it parasitic, symbiotic, neutral)?

How historically truthful is the Disney movie, Pocohantas?

Are their racial stereotypes in the Disney movie, the Lion King?

How realistic is Disney's depiction of the future in EPCOT and Tomorrow Land?

How does Disney's the Little Mermaid depart from Hans Christian Anderson's version of the story?

Did Millie Cyrus damage her reputation by posing nearly nude for Vanity Fair?

Discuss the business success of pornography as an entertainment industry?

Discuss the sexual aspects of anime (May include hentai) and manga.

Are minorities still underrepresented and/or stereotyped in movies and/or television?

Do movies accurately depict mental illness and/or physical handicap?

Should the government do something to "reign in" talk radio hosts such as Michael Savage?

Discus the British government's ban of Michael Savage.