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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: The Individual

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Social Science -- The Individual

Social Sciences -- The Individual

Topics here deal with individual perceptions, choices, and attitudes. They also deal with behaviorialism/cognitive therapy. You can think of these as psychology topics, though I think this area is a bit broader than that. Here ae the topics:




Why would someone buy a $100 pair of shoes or sneakers (think psychology and sociology)?

The psychology of sense of direction.

The psychology of false memory syndrome.

Psychosocial aspects of food allergies.

The link between food apperance and taste perception.

Psychosocial aspects of couvade, "phantom pregnancy in men." You can read more about it at the BBC.

To what mental illnesses are actors and/or musicians especially susceptible?

What is the psychology behind road rage?

What social factors contribute to road rage?

What makes reading for leisure so appealing or unappealing?

Why is printed text easier to read than text on screen?

How do children (or adults) acquire certain tastes for food?

Discuss the physiology and psychology of being a supertaster (or a particular type of supertaster).

The psychology behind supersize portions.

How can one protect oneself psychologically if one is laid off, downsized, or otherwise unemployed?

Discuss the psychology of scapegoating of public figures or corporations? Does scapegoating ever serve a valid purpose?

Is cognitive therapy for weight loss effective? (Why or why not)

Is cognitive therapy for smoking cessationeffective? (Why or why not)

What long term effects does marijuana have on intellectual/academic performance? (Not a popular topic.)