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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Teaching -- Humanities and Social Sciences

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Teaching -- Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Values

Teaching -- Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Values

This is the branch for any topics that deal with teaching such subjects as language, English, litearture, music, art, history, and also moral education. This makes sense because some of these subjects overlap especially in a K-12 setting.

Here are the topics...



How can teachers make social studies/history more multicultural, and should they do this?

What are the benefits of high school students reading novels and stories about contemporary teenagers?

What are the benefits of high school students reading classic novels and stories?

Should high school students learn French or Spanish as their foreign language, or would something like Arabic, Pashto, or Chinese be a better choice?

What are the best practices for teaching comparatiave religions to high school students?

What are the best practices for incorporating the Bible into the humanities or social sciences in a K-12 environment?

How can teachers make Shakespeare relevant to high school or college students who are new to the Bard? (Note you can also ask this question with Milton, Racine, Moliere, and other classic authors from a century or more ago.)

How can teachers make a distant historical event (Choose one such as the Civil War, Revolutionary War, or World War II) relevant to students?

Discuss innovative clay or ceramic projects in elementary or middle school art classes.

What place does local history have in a middle or high school curriculum?

What role to textile arts (or weaving) play in art or home economics class?