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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Higher Education

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Yes, colleges, universities, graduate schools get a branch all their own. Educating adults is different. That is as much as I can say. It is also in its own odd way political, and these topics hit close to home.

Let's have the topics...




Effects of Title IX on men's college athletics.

Effects of Title IX on women's college athletics.

Should college football (or basketball) players be paid?

What courses of college study lead to outsource-proof careers?

What courses of college study lead to automation-proof careers?

Would a subjet bachelors plus education courses provide a better entry level degree for teaching K-12?

How can college food service provide nutritious meals that students will actually purchase?

How can colleges and universities encourage physical fitness among their students and employees?

What do students receive from a civic engagement and/or service learning component in their courses?

What, if any, are the financial/economic rewards of a liberal arts education?

What can community or four year colleges do to enhance student retention?

What can community colleges do to make it easier for students to find time for their studies and classes?

How can colleges improve retention in online courses?

What do professors and administrators mean when they say they want to "globalize" or "internationalize" the curriculum?

How do auxilliary services (parking, food, recreation) effect college students' attitudes?

What encourages alumni to give generously to their alma maters?

What can high schools do to see that students are ready for college?

Discuss the advantages and shortcomings of free college tuition.

Discuss the advantages and pitfalls of Pell Grants.

Is "Step Up" really more effective than traditional methods of teaching college students?