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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: National Stories

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

National Stories

National Stories

This branch holds all the topics that deal with national level news stories and current events, that are NOT stories about politics. Topics include natural disasters, the environment, national security, and more.



Should the United States drill for oil in ANWAR or off the Gulf Coast?

Would a gas tax holiday be good for consumers and/or the environment?

Would a gas tax increase be good for energy independence or would it hurt consumers too much?

How much of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward should be rebuilt?

Should homeowners live in areas that are persistently prone to floods, fires, and/or very bad hurricanes?

Should the government be permitted to spy on potential terrorists' phone calls?

Should the US government be permitted to use extremely rough interrogation if it can extract information from terrorists?

What effect did stop-loss orders have on our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

How can the Veteran's Administration and the military take better care of returning injured veterans?

How can the Veteran's Administartion and the military take better care of returning veterans with mental illnesses?

What services can help returning veterans and their families best adjust to civilian life and being reunnited?

Did the bank bailout of September/October 2008 avert further damage to the economy?

Should the United States government bail out the automobile industry?

 Should the United States Navy take steps to help control piracy in the Indian Ocean?

Was former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, at fault for the loss of life at the US Consulate in Benghazi?

Would an improved border wall put a dent in illegal immigration?

What are the socioeconomic roots of opioid addiction in the heartland?

How has the government's rhetoric about opioid addiction changed since more middle class Caucasians became addicted?

What steps can communities take to prevent their children from joining ISIS?

Should the US government ask executives of bailed out banks and other firms to take salary cuts?<