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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: The Rest of the World

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Foreign Affairs -- The Rest of the World

The Rest of the World

This branch deals with all international topics that take place outside the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Caucuses, China, Japan, India, and the countries of East and Southeast Asia. That means mainly Europe, Africa, and the whole Western Hemisphere are in this branch. This branch will split further as it gains more topics.


How can we stop the spread of nuclear weapons to rogue states and terrorists?

How does the international or local legal system deal with pirates captured on the high seas?

Who and what is behind the current civil war in the Democratic Repbulic of the Congo?

Should the United States intervene to reign in or replace thuggish dictators? (Choose your dictator. Robert Mugabe, or the thugs that rule Sudan or Burma are all good choices.)

Compare Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to Fidel Castro of Cuba or if you prefer Simon Bolivar?

Find out anything you can on the Penguin Revolution in Chile?

Whatever became of Manuel Noriega at the hands of the United Statse justice system?

Describe how global warming is responsible for the drought in Australia (if indeed this is true.)

Should the United States military intervene to stop piracy in the Indian Ocean?

Lacite in France and the wearing of Islamic head gear. Is this an example the United States should emulate?

What brought down Britain's Labor party in the summer/fall of 2009?

Why do immigrants make the long and dangerous voyage from West Africa to Western Europe?

Desribe what brought about the financial meltdown in Iceland.

What is the effect of the current (2009) recession on the high tech sector in India (or Ireland if you prefer)?

How does Russia's control of natural gas give it political clout over Ukraine, Byelorus, and Moldova?

Should South Abkhazia and/or Ossetia be independent from Georgia (a former Soviet Republic)?