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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Sports, Recreation, and Fitness

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Sports, Recreation, and Fitness

Sports, Recreation, and Fitness

Here are topics for sports (professional), recreation, and physical fitness. I think diet/weight loss topics belong under fashion. This is a pretty broad and growing group of topics.

Here they are...


Is there any skill involved in professional wrestling?

What are the limits of NASCAR's popularity?

Should college football (or basketball players) be paid?

Is the hardship draft (Players leaving college early for the NFL or NBA) good for the players or does it exploit them?

Compare the 2008 Beijing games to the 1936 Munich Olympics?

Did the boycott of the 1976 Moscow Olympics have any effect?

Should we have boycotted the 2008 games or at least the opening ceremonies due to  China's treatment of Tibet?

What made Michael Phelps an Olympic superstar?

What gave the Atlanta Hawks a fairly successful basketball season? (Substitute your own or favorite NBA franchise.)

What are the prospects for the Atlanta Falcons this fall? (Substitute your own local NFL  franchise.)

What are the prospects for the Atlanta Braves this spring? (Substitute your own major or minor league baseball team.)

What are most Cinderella or underdog teams' real chances in March Madness?

What should Major League Baseball or the United States legal system do (if anything) to Sammy Sosa now that he has confessed to using steroids?

Discuss the plight and come back of Yankee slugger, Daryl Strawberry.