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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Local News

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Local News

Local News

This is where stories of interest to those in the Atlanta area become possible paper topics. There is not much here. I should spend more time with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and less time with the the BBC World Service. Please stop by the Add-a-Topic page, and help add to this area.



Why and how did the Clayton County school district lose its accreditation?

Did Brian Nichols deserve the death penalty or was justice served in his case?

How does the nationalization of political campaigns effect races in Georgia (Choose a political race. This is not an easy topic)

Discuss the inadequacies of the Georgia mental health system?

Why is/was Grady Hospital in financial trouble?

Did Troy Anthony Davis deserve the death penalty? Why or why not?

Should the state of Georgia build more reservoirs? Why or why not?

How will global warming effect Georgia?

Are majority rather than unanimous verdicts in death penalty cases, fair?

What can the state government of Georgia do to help MARTA?

Discuss Georgia State University's attempt to improve the graduate rate for first generation college students? Why are they successful?

How can the Fulton and Dekalb County and city governments curb urban sprawl in Atlanta?

What is the extent of the human trafficking problem in the Atlanta metro area?

What can the city of Atlanta and Fulton County do to improve the neighborhood in and around the Vine City MARTA station? (You may substitute Bankhead or another MARTA station if you prefer)?

What were the goals of the Beltline project and has it succeeded. Why or why not?

What efforts have local governments made to provide affordable housing near the Belt Line and have they been successful yet? Why or why not?

Did building a new stadium in Cobb County make financial sense? Why or why not?

Do Atlanta and DeKalb County's alternative schools help at risk students graduate and stay out of trouble? How successful are they at their mission?

How successful are DeKalb County's early college programs in helping at risk students succeed? (If possible, pick one program. This is NOT an easy topic.)

Discuss the successes and shortcomings of the Beltline project.

Why did the police raid the Eagle (a gay bar on Ponce de Leon) early in the fall of 2009?

Do cuts in the fire department due to budget constraints put residents of Atlanta at risk?