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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Economic and Business Policy

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Economic and Business Policy

Economic and Business Policy

This branch deals with economics as a SOCIAL SCIENCE, macroeconomics, and other public policy related topics. For business related topics, visit the Business branch.


Will green collar work really create prosperity? (Why or why not?)

How can one make recycling profitable?

Did the last (2008-2010) recession and a return to simple pleasures enhanced family life?

Did President Obama's 2009 stimulus package created jobs? (Why or why not?)

Is creating a national broadband policy a wise use of government funds? (Why or why not?)

What is the impact of biofuels on food prices in most of the world?

What incentives do Americans have to spend too much on healthcare?

Is there an end to economic growth and is such a barrier a good thing?

What is deflation and why should we fear it?

What was the (2008-2010) recession's effect on outsourcing?

Are economic downturns really good for technological and social innovation? (Give at least one example and yes, this is a hard topic.)

Did Cash for Clunkers really stimulate the auto industry in the long term?

Discuss restaurant super size and recession buster specials. Do they help restaurants survive? Do they change consumer expectations?

What are the consequences of a jobless recovery of the 2009-2010 Recession?

Can health insurance exchanges remain profitable?

How does the current price of crude oil effect the natural gas and oil boom in North Dakota (or drilling and exploration in the Arctic)?

How does on-call scheduling with big data effect companies' bottom lines?

What are the barriers that keep ordinary people from moving to job-rich areas and what can be done to circumvent them?

What was Tulipmania and why is it still important?

How can the government stop price gouging for drugs (Think Pharmabro and/or the Epipen)?

Is the gross domestic/national product an adequate measure of economic growth? Why or why not