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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Groups and Cultures -- International

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Groups and Cultures -- International

Groups and Cultures -- International

Topics here deal with groups and cultures from all over the world, except the United States, which has its own Groups and Cultures branch. Academic disciplines covered include: sociology, anthropology, and a bit of international relations and public policy. Enjoy...




South seas sexual initiation rituals (pick a particular culture. You'll need to know the names of some).

Drug and religious rituals among particular cultures (you'll need to know the name of a particular culture).

Discuss one or more Japanese fashion trends such as the gayura (gals) look.

Japanese hostess culture: Is it good or bad for women?

Are sexual manga or hentai the same as the pornography produced  in the United States, and if it is different, how does it differ?

Compare the place of dogs and cats in American society to the way they are viewed in some other culture.

Discuss the practice of eating dog in China, Korea, or some other canine consuming culture.

How are Japanese school children socialized into behaving well?

Describe the social aspects of British (or other European) soccer hooligans.

Describe marriage customs among the Inuit, Bushmen, or some other indigenous culture.

Why do Turkish and other Muslim immigrants assimilate incompletely into European societies (Choose particular countries)?

Describe the social aspects of Korean internet cafes.