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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: East Asia Plus India

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

East Asia Plus India

East Asia Plus India

This branch deals with all international topics that take place in China, Japan, India plus all the other countries of East and Southeast Asia. Russia, Europe, Africa, and the Western Hemisphere are still located in the "Rest of the World," while the Middle East, South, and Central Asia are in the Middle East branch. The tree has to split somehow, and the branches just keep growing.




Is internet censorship in China successful?

Can the North Koreans be trusted to stop their nuclear weapons/energy proglram?

What are the roots of the tainted milk scandal in China?

Discuss the relationship between the Uigars and the Chinese government (tough topic)

How does the current economic melt down effect remittance economies like those in the Philippines and/or Mexico?

Can the Chinese sustain their remarkable economic growth?

Discuss the economic (and possibly social disparity) between the eastern coastal regiions and the Chinese hinterland?

Is Han Chinese settlement in Tibet and Sinkyang a good thing?

What can the Chinese do to reduce their carbon emissions and are they doing it?

Discuss the right of ordinary Chinese to "petition" their government in Beijing? Do they really have such a right, and what happens if they use it? (tough topic)

What happened to the Uigar prisoners in Guantanamo Bay? (tough topic)

Discuss China's incursions in the South China Sea.

What role did corruption and cronyism play in the Fukishima disaster?

Why is Laos a "hot" tourist destination?

Why does Laos have the dubious honor of being the "most bombed country" on the planet?

Discuss the effects of Hanjin Shipping's bankruptcy?

Is Samsung a monopoly (why or why not)?

Why did the Japanese people drive the Liberal Democratic Party out of power? (tough topic but not that tough)