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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Life on the Internet

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Life on the Internet

Life on the Internet

This branch deals with both the technical and social facets of the internet. This includes file sharing and computers as a means for hosting, distributing, and listening to music. It also includes some computer security related topics.




How do most email spam filters work?

What effect does sharing of files via computer have on the music industry or a particular genre of music?

Why did the powers that be consider Cornficker such a dangerous threat?

Discuss the use of social networking sites for phishing and fraud?

How does one create third party software applications on Facebook?

Should Facebook continue to allow Holocaust denial groups?

How can a teenager deprived of net access at home, obtain access to technology and what does it cost? (This is not an easy topic and the word is not father to the deed.)

Describe how one can create a smart mob using a cell phone, and are such mobs really smart?

Discuss the privacy aspects of Google Eearth/Google Maps

Discuss the ethics of public shaming web sites. ( is a great example, but there are others. Note: this is not an easy topic.)

Discuss the use of e-cards for phishing and fraud.

How does DMCA work and is there a way to foil it? (Remember the word is not father to the deed.)

How do hackers create a DNS attack? (Remember the paper is not father of the deed.)

How do malicious users create botnets and what do they do with them? (The word is not father of the deed.)

What effect do i-pods and other personal listening devices have on the music industry or a particular genre of music?

Are mash ups and/or machina presented on Youtube protected by U.S. Copyright Law's fair use clause? (Yes, I know you are not a lawyer, but no one is asking you for legal advice.)?

How is it possible to fake a Youtube?

How to foil CAPTCHA technology.

Describe the working of a 419 scam (advance fee fraud).

Does Bing present a serious threat to Google?

Compare Multiply ( or Eons to Facebook.

Are third party games on Facebook such as Farmville (or any other popular game) an honest and harmless recreation, or something else?

Describe the use of social engineering in the viral spread of computer applications?

What security measures can a home computer user take to foil malware?

Is it safe to send e-cards? (why or why not?