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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Business

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.



Topics in this branch deal with business, industry, finance, and microeconomics. They probably also deal with accounting. For topics that cover economics as a SOCIAL SCIENCE or that deal with public policy, visit the Public Policy branch.


Will Chrysler's merger with Fiat be successful? (Why or why not. This is a tough topic)?

Should the government limit short selling?

Is the stock market a safe place for one's retirement savings over the long haul?

How did the "Credit Crunch" of 2008/2009 begin? (Hard topic)

Did Cash for Clunkers really stimulate the auto industry in the medium to long haul?

Can Facebook or Twitter be profitable in the long term? (Hard topic)

Why did the economy of Iceland melt down? (Hard topic)

Why did the economies of either Norway or Canada survive the recession comparatively unscathed? (Hard topic)

Should firms pay bonuses or generous compensation to executives even when they recieve government funds

What sort of concessions did the United Auto Workers have to make in the winter of 2008/spring of 2009?

What measures can inspire banks to lend more freely and companies to invest?

What part did credit default swaps play in the 2008 finanical crisis?

Are micropayments the road to financial viability for internet ventures?

Should banks be able to give back all or part of their bail out money?

Do secured creditors still deserve to go "first in line" even when a company that is "too big to fail" enters bankruptcy?

What was the Glass-Stiegel Act and how did it regulate banks?

How did subprime mortgages fuel the 2008 financial crisis?

What sort of jobs/careers are least likely to be outsourced to other countries?

Is it possible to pick up real bargains due to the subprime mortgage crisis?

What factors stimulate businesses to hire in a jobless recoery?

Does the recent bull market (Fall of 2009) really reflect a recovery or something else?

Were the guilty really punished when it came to failing banks and executive bonuses?

Do reputation management systems help bolster employee morale or find the best employees?

Will humanely raised, heritage meat or poultry ever be anything other than a niche item? (hard topic)

Describe the "Long tail" and its implications for retailing?