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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Social Policy

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Social Policy

Social Policy

This branch deals with political sicence and social change as a SOCIAL SCIENCE. Disciplines included here are a combination of government (political science) and sociology with some social work and criminal justice thrown in for good measure. If the government can do it and the first concern is not the bottom line, that topic belongs here.




How can one break the link between poverty and crime?

How do you make sure a charity uses its funds efficiently and effectively?

Does click charity raise sufficient funds or is it really an advertising scheme?

Does closing housing projects and scattering their residents help them free themselves from poverty?

How do hard times influence people to serve in the armed forces, even with the possibility of deployment?

Should Congress or state governments for that matter impose a sin tax on soft drinks?

At what point does regulation of tobacco become de-facto prohibition? (Brutally tough topic)

What can the federal, state, and local government do to create rural transit systems?

Do increased tariffs bring manufacturing jobs to the United States?

Describe the social effects of the oil and gas boom in the Dakotas.

Is natural gas a bridge to renewable energy? Why or why not?

What options do those who are losing their homes to flooding and erosion (global warming have?

Do safe spaces and trigger warnings really protect students/audience members?

How can one make a transit rider out of those wedded to their cars? (Tough question but I thought it was interesting).

Discuss the psychosocial effects of long term unemployment?

Why should (or shouldn't) illegal aliens benefit from health insurance reform?