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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Agriculture, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Agriculture, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science

Agriculture, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science

This branch is for biology "lived large" and over time. It also deals with agriculture and the environment. If you are interested in how whole organisms behave, relate to one another, or change over time, this is the right branch of the topic tree for you. Right now botany is also located in this branch. It will stay here until this branch requires another split.




The benefits and logistics of trap, neuter, and release as a means of controlling feral cats.

Cats as invasive species in Australia. (You can also discuss rabbits if you prefer.)

What behaviors make house cats social animals, and how (if it is known) did they develop that behavior?

Urban raptors, how to reintroduce them and why they are successful?

Finding nearly extinct species (There are currently two of these: the ivory billed woodpecker and the tasmanian tiger. Students should choose one.)

The ethics of current thoroughbred breeding practices (speed versus hardiness.)

Is it ethical to breed miniature horses?

What are the environmental risks associated with BT corn? (BT stands for genes from a disease that kills insect pests and which has been genetically engineered into corn and I believe some other crops)?

What are the possible causes of Colony Collapse Disorder?

What are the disadvantages of farming salmon, tialpia, catfish or shrimp?

Describe the use of parasitic wasps in pest control?

What are safe means of controlling cockroaches and ants around food, pets, and small children?

What are effective methods for controlling deer, raccoons, and other four legged garden pests?

What factors created the late blight outbreak among tomatoes and potates in the Northeast (Fall of 2009)?

What were the genetics behind the Irish Potato famine?

Describe the genetics behind super sweet or another very sweet version of sweet corn?

What efforts are being made to create a super rice that can survive in difficult conditions and/or double its yield?  (Tough topic)

What are the environmental consequences of fish farming, particularly farming salmon?

Describe the overfishing of bluefin tuna?

How can one eat sustainable sushi, and is there really such a thing?