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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Engineering and Technology

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

This branch deals with making things and solving technical problems. It is the branch for both making a better mouse trap, tastier cheese, and a means for keeping mice out of the pantry in the first place. Topics that relate to computers, belong in Computers and the Internet.


Is it possible to make biofuels out of plants that are not food crops (tough topic)?

How can I build a straw bail house and why does it keep me warm?

How can I build a concrete boat that floats?

How can doctors deliver drugs using nanotechnology?

How does one make plastics from sources OTHER than petroleum? Are these plastics as good as those made from oil or coal?

What kinds of structures can nanobots in industry build?

Do "green roofs" of buildings really make a difference?

Can wind power make a significant contribution to electricity in the United States?

What is the environmental downside of wind farms, if indeed there is one?

What is the most effective bait and poison for killing rats (or mice)?

Describe at least one methods of traffic calming? Rate its effectivness.

Is it possible to build a viable solar powered car?

Is it possible to safely dispose of nuclear reactor waste, and what are the technologies that promise safe disposal?

What is coltan and what is its political and social impact?

How can manufacturers minimize or recycle ewaste? (And no, that is NOT a typo. Ewaste is computers, cell phones, and other discarded electronic products, often thrown away due to planned obselescence.)

What are the advantages of a geodescic dome and what are the challenges to building one properly?

What was the dymaxion car and what made it special?