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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: Teaching -- Math, Science, etc...

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

Teaching -- Math, Science, Health, Physical Education, and Vocational Subjects

Teaching -- Math, Science, Health, Physical Education, and Vocational Subjects

This is the branch for any topics that deal with teaching math, science, physical education/health, or vocational education. This is a lot of ground, but it covers subjects that often overlap just a little bit. For example, there is some biology in health, and shop uses some mathematics skills.

Here are the topics...




Do manipulatives really help students learn mathematics better than traditional methods?

How can physical education in K-12 enhance lifelong fitness?

Do sports and physical education help young children learn to read and if so how?

What are the advantages of learning to write formal proofs in mathematics?

What are the advantages of microscale laboratories in chemistry?

What are the benefits of shop or home economics electives for college bound high school students?

What is the best way to teach children sportsmanship?

What are the best ways to implement or work withe apprentice-ship programs in high schools?

Do students learn mathematics better when they use calculators?

Should students in K-12 mathematics be allowed to use calculators?

What innovations can teachers make in health class to reduce childhood and adolescent obesity?

Are there substitutes for dissection that can adequately replace real animals (why or why not?)

Will teaching children to program computers prepare them for the future, why or why not?

Why do extra curricular activities improve high school graduation rates?

How do standing desks improve student concentration?