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The Topic Tree: General Research Guide: The Middle East Plus South Asia

A selection of timely, diverse, and exciting topics for term papers, projects, and presentations.

The Middle East Plus South Asia

The Middle East Plus South Asia

This branch covers the Middle East, the War on Terror, the War in Iraq, as well as conflicts in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Central Asia, and the Caucuses. That covers a lot of ground.



Has Isreal (or Hamas. Take your choice) violated human rights in the current war in Gaza (Winter of 2009)?

Can a surge like the one in Iraq help vanquish the Taleban and Al Quaeda in Afghanistan?

Discuss fraud in the Afghan election of 2009.

Can the Pakistani government control Lashkar E. Toeba, the group probably responsbile for the Mumbai shootings?

How does a weak government in Pakistan effect the United States continued fight against Al Quaeda in Afghanistan?

Can the Pakistani government vanquish the Taleban in the frontier regions, why or why not?

Should Turkey discriminate against female college students who wear the Islamic head scarf?

How is Al Jazeera different than most media in the Arab and Western world?

What effect dis stop-loss orders have on our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan during 2006-2008?

Can Iraqi troops successfully defend their country against insurgents and Al Quaida?

Is a time table for a pull out from Iraq a good idea?

Why does the Taleban have support in the Tribal regions of Pakistan?

Does the Pakistani government really have the people's support against the Taleban and if so why, and if not why not?

Should the United States attack Iran?

What can the United States government or citizens do to show their displeasure with the stolen election (June '09) in Iran?

Does the win by moderates in Lebanon over Hizbollah (May/June 2009) signal good times for democracy across the Middle East?

How much of a threat to the West was the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt?