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Special Collections and Archives Public Health Subject Guide: Nursing

Nursing: Manuscript Collections

DeKalb General Hospital Mass Resignation Collection, 1968-1969, (L1995-01)
 The collection consists of records pertaining to the mass resignation of nurses at DeKalb General Hospital in 1968-1969. These records were collected by Cathleen Conway Johnson while researching her doctoral thesis, The troubles with angels of mercy: the mass resignation of registered nurses at DeKalb General Hospital, Decatur, Georgia, January 22, 1969, at Emory University in 1994.

The records include correspondence, reports, press releases, newsletters, minutes, newspaper clippings, publications, photographs, and scrapbooks related specifically to the events at the DeKalb General Hospital and the role played by the Georgia State Nurses Association. Also included are notes and correspondence written by or pertaining to Margaret Ford, Director of Nursing at DeKalb General Hospital, and Mary Osburne, one of the nurses who resigned from DeKalb General Hospital. In addition, the collection contains publications and newspaper clippings regarding collective bargaining, labor disputes in Atlanta in 1970, and other nursing labor disputes in the United States. Finding aid available.

District of Columbia Nurses Association Records, 1903-1977 (L1979-16)
The Records, 1903-1977, of the District of Columbia Nurses Association (DCNA) consist of executive board, committee, and section minutes; correspondence; reports; newspaper articles; pamphlets and periodicals published or collected by the organization; files of the Board of Directors; audit reports and other financial documents; and collective bargaining files with several District employers of nurses, both public and private. The Records includes a large number of congressional bills and resolutions concerning nursing, as well as several folders of historical documents of the DCNA.

Alda Ditchfield Papers, 1935-1977 (G1986-06)
This collection relates to the Grady School of Nursing, with extensive coverage on nursing education. It also contains information on the Grady Memorial Hospital Municipal Training School for Colored Nurses. Ditchfield was an Associate Professor of Nursing at Georgia State University and President of the Georgia State Nurses Association. 

Bernice Dixon Papers, 1851; 1881-1882; 1899-2015 (L2016-06)
The Bernice Dixon papers, 1851, 1881-1882, 1899-2015 (bulk 1954-1982), consist of correspondence, annual reports, catalogs, by-laws, programs, student materials, scrapbooks, photographs, yearbooks, and other printed material. The materials document the activities of the Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, relevant institutions, organizations, students, alumni and the hospital’s nursing service. Bernice Dixon collected the materials during her employment at Grady Hospital and while researching her book about the school's history. 

Georgia Nurses' Association Records, 1903-1998 (L1976-39)
The Georgia Nurses' Association (GNA) was founded in 1907 as a professional organization to unite nurses in Georgia, to advocate for high standards for nurses and nursing education, and to improve patient care. Minutes and proceedings, correspondence, reports, constitutions, bylaws, articles of incorporation, printed material, notes, financial records, scrapbooks, legal documents, photographs, sound recordings, and artifacts make up the records of the Georgia Nurses' Association and document the associations activities, its districts, and other national and state nursing organizations.

Georgia State University, Annual Report to the President, 1952-current
These records document the School of Nursing, from its inception in 1968 as a program to a major doctoral-level school in the College of Allied Health Sciences. Reports of the Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences discuss the program's innovative philosophy of education, accreditation, need for adequate physical facilities, emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and clinical practice, increase in continuing education activity, grant funding, and growth in students and degrees offered. The school developed strong cooperative relationships with professional groups, not-for-profit organizations, state and federal governments, international groups, and hospitals and medical centers, and those ties are also reflected here. A list of holdings is available.

Georgia State University, Department of Nursing Records,1970s (G1979-24)
Records include course syllabi, exams, and assignments.

Georgia State University, General Catalog and Graduate Bulletin, 1933-2016
The education and training of nursing students is described in the University undergraduate catalogs and the College of Allied Health Sciences graduate bulletins. Catalogs and bulletins, 1968-present, provide information about the program, accreditation, faculty, admission and academic requirements, curriculum, and course descriptions. A list of holdings is available.

Georgia State University, Public Information Collections, 1980-1982 (G1988-01)
Includes approximately fifty images relating to the Department of Nursing at Georgia State University, 1980-1982. The images are primarily of faculty and students in the Allied Health and International Nursing programs.

Georgia State University, School of Nursing (College of Health Sciences) Learning Research Center, 1975-1983 (G1979-24; G1988-60)
63 video cassettes and 4 cubic feet. Videotapes of various aspects of basic and advanced nursing care. Highlights include lectures on management issues, future of nursing, anatomy, and nursing procedures. Also included are course syllabuses, exams and assignments. Not processed.

Grady Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1908-1984, (L1984-47)
The Records, 1908-1984, of the Grady Hospital School of Nursing consist primarily of correspondence, minutes, printed material, and photographs. The bulk of this material documents the history of Grady Memorial Hospital and three of its professional schools: the School of Nursing; the School of Medical Technology; and the School of Radiologic Technology. The remainder of the collection is composed of correspondence, minutes, and printed material pertaining to the Georgia Joint Council of Paramedical Education, the Health Careers Council of Georgia, and the Georgia State Nurses Association.

Please note: While the collection does include some administrative documents from the Grady School of Nursing, it does not reflect the full scope of the administration of the program, nor does it include any student records or transcripts. Those records are maintained by the Grady Health System Professional Schools.

Kentucky Nurses Association Records, 1906-1990 (L1978-20)
The Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA) was organized in 1906 by nurses wanting to assure that those who care for patients in Kentucky are professionally trained, licensed, and regulated. The records document the founding of the Kentucky Nurses Association; its development as a professional organization concerned with the legal, economic and professional status, education, and training of nurses; its evolution as a collective bargaining agent for nurses; the day-to-day administration of the association's affairs by the executive secretary; and the relationship between KNA, the American Nurses Association (ANA), other associations of health care professionals, and local, state and federal governments.

Lane Brothers Photographers Collection, circa 1939-1975 (L1985-33)
This photo negative collection includes approximately 70 images of Aidmore Hospital; 35 of the American Red Cross 1944-1960; 35 of Piedmont Hospital; 20 of the Georgia Baptist Hospital; as well as numerous other images of such institutions as Grady Memorial Hospital, Emory Hospital, Highview Nursing Home, St. Joseph Infirmary, and the Warm Springs Foundation. A subject heading list and topical database is available.

Mary N. Long Papers, 1957, 1965-2000 (W062)
Primarily correspondence, minutes and agendas, notes and writings, printed material including reports, and artifacts and ephemera make up the papers of Mary N. Long, 1957; 1965-2000. Materials relate to her employment at Grady Memorial Hospital and the Arthritis Foundation; to her service to the Georgia Nurses' Association, Georgia Nurses' Foundation, American Nurses Foundation, and other organizations; and to her work as an activist and community volunteer, including numerous speaking and training engagements as well as committee and board service. Long's political activism, state government service, and activity on behalf of the Georgia Democratic Party are also documented.

Maryland Nurses Association Records, 1882-1989 (L1979-33)
The Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses established its priorities as creating a state registration program, fostering relationships among Maryland nurses, promoting nursing standards, and later, serving as the primary collective bargaining agent for nurses. The records of the Maryland Nurses Association document its creation in 1903; its organizational structure and everyday activities; its annual conventions; and its commitment to the establishment of nursing professional standards.

Jewel Dean Moody Papers,1945; 1962; undated (W067)
Jewel (Judy) Dean Moody, originally of Lake Alfred, Florida, attended Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated on January 26, 1945. The bulk of this collection is memorabilia from her time at school including her diploma, a class photograph, her nursing cape, and nursing caps.

Carla Schissel Papers, 1979 (L1979-29)
These papers consist of a copy of an Emory University dissertation called The State Nurses' Association in a Georgia Context, 1907-1948, submitted in 1979 by Schissel for her doctor of philosophy degree in the Institute of Liberal Arts. In it she examines state nurses' associations in Georgia, looking at issues in nursing education, the general practice and public health nursing, black nurses' groups, and the special needs of the nursing profession.The descriptive catalog sheet gives a synopsis of the dissertation.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Southern Region, Records, 1964-1972, (L1974-5)
Includes 1 folder of material pertaining to organizing efforts among licensed practical nurses, nurses aides, and other nonprofessional employees at the Faith, Hope and Charity Medical Nursing Home in Rex, Georgia in 1969. A descriptive inventory is available.

South Carolina Nurses Association Records , 1897; 1907-1992 (L1977-37)
The South Carolina Nurses Association, founded in 1907, is a professional organization devoted to promoting high standards for nurses, to encouraging their advancement and welfare, and to improving health care generally. Its records include minutes and proceedings, correspondence, reports, constitutions and by-laws, printed material, notes and writings, financial records, legal documents, scrapbooks, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings, works of art on paper, and artifacts, which document the association, its local districts, and other nursing organizations in South Carolina.

Armenia Williams Papers,1945; 1968-2006 (W158)
Armenia Williams (1940-) was chief of nursing at the Atlanta Southside Office of Economic Opportunity Center, where she implemented Georgia's first Nurse Practitioner program. From 1973, she was on the faculty of Georgia State University's School of Nursing. Her papers comprise course materials, detailed case studies for proper nursing care for various ailments, ephemeral medical advertisements, and medical pamphlets.

Nursing: Oral Histories

The following interviews are part of the Grady School of Nursing Collection:

Geneva Cox Boykin, May 28, 2014
Geneva Cox Boykin was born in Bay Minette, Ala. Her father worked in farming and later in a turpentine plant. Her mother was a homemaker. Boykin attended Baldwin County Training School in Daphne, Ala. and enrolled in Grady Hospital School of Nursing in Atlanta in 1948. After graduating from Grady, Boykin moved to Chicago to pursue a master's degree at DePaul University and to work as a nurse at Northwestern University Hospital. She later married and returned to Atlanta, taking a job teaching at Grady School of Nursing. After the school closed in 1982, Boykin worked as a nurse in various organizations in the Atlanta area.

Judy Clary, January 25, 2015
Judy Clary was born in 1950 in Wilmington, Delaware. Her father was in the Marine Corps and her family moved a great deal throughout her childhood. After high school, Clary attended the Grady School of Nursing at Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Throughout her career, she worked in multiple hospitals, and then transitioned to industrial nursing, also know as occupational health.

Bernice Dixon, March 11, 2015
Bernice Killcrease Dixon was born in Gwinnett County, Georgia on March 6, 1922. She grew up on a farm. Dixon attended Grady Hospital School of Nursing beginning in 1942. She worked in Grady Hospital as a student nurse and later became a teacher and administrator at the nursing school.

Bernice Dixon, May 7, 2015
Bernice Killcrease Dixon was born in Gwinnett County, Georgia on March 6, 1922. She grew up on a farm. Dixon attended Grady Hospital School of Nursing beginning in 1942. She worked in Grady Hospital as a student nurse and later became a teacher and administrator at the nursing school.

Bernice Dixon, June 4, 2015
Bernice Killcrease Dixon was born in Gwinnett County, Georgia on March 6, 1922. She grew up on a farm. Dixon attended Grady Hospital School of Nursing beginning in 1942. She worked in Grady Hospital as a student nurse and later became a teacher and administrator at the nursing school.

Linda Wilson, October 3, 2014
Linda Wilson was born and grew up in Ware County, Georgia in February 1949. She was the third of eleven children born into a sharecropping family. Wilson graduated from Grady Hospital School if Nursing and held various nursing positions until she retired.


Nursing: Periodicals

Women's Printed Collections: Periodicals

  • The Examiner (New Orleans: Louisiana State Board of Nursing), 1995 (Box E-3)
  • Fifth District Newsletter / Fifth District Georgia State Nurses Association (Atlanta, GA: Fifth District Georgia State Nurses Association), 1973 (Box F-3)
  • Grady Memorial Hospital. Nurses' Notes (Atlanta, GA: Nursing Dept.), 1982-1985 (Box G-4)
  • Grady Memorial Hospital. Nursing Newspaper (Atlanta, GA: Nursing Dept.), 1980 Box G-4)
  • Mississippi RN (Jackson, MS: Mississippi Nurses' Association), 1986 (Box M-2)

Nursing: Digital Collections

Grady School of Nursing Collection
Founded in March 1898, the Grady Hospital Training School for Nurses prepared young women from around the region for a career in nursing. Similarly, the Municipal Training School for Colored Nurses opened for African American nurses in 1917. When the schools merged in 1964, the program name was changed to the Grady School of Nursing. The school officially graduated its last class and closed in 1982.

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