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ProCon Ebooks -- Handout Guide: Welcome

This is the new home of eight, pages of links to ebooks to provide background for argument and ProCon paprs.

ProCon Ebooks Welcome Page

Where to Go

GSU Library with the Discover Box for articles and more.

GIL-Find: the library catalog

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ProCon Resources

Montage of ProCon Subjects The not-quite-world-famous ProCon Guide Handouts pages, now have a guide all their own. There are eight of them at present, though there may always be more, since this is an ever-growing resource. Most ebooks listed here are from the last five years, and many titles are from the current year. The lists cover what is available, so coverage is not even, and there are even a few surprises.

Pro-Con Sources for International Rights and Human Development

Pro-Con Sources for National Defense and International Relations

Pro-Con Sources All Around the World.

Pro-Con Sources for National Political and Social Issues.

Pro-Con Sources for Work and Money Issues

Pro-Con Sources for Education

Pro-Con Sources for Race .

Pro-Con Sources for Immigration.

Pro-Con Sources for Family, Gender, and Social Issues .

Pro-Con Sources for Criminal Justice. Includes drug legalization and the death penalty.

Find Pro-Con Sources for Health and Medicine.

Find Pro-Con Sources for Biology, Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition.

Find Pro-Con Sources for Energy, Technology, and Computers. Includes big data and social media.