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ProCon Ebooks -- Handout Guide: Criminal Justice

This is the new home of eight, pages of links to ebooks to provide background for argument and ProCon paprs.

Pro Con Resources -- Crime, Justice, and Punishment

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GILFind: the library catalog.

Ebook Central, the library's biggest ebook database.

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Academic Search Complete: General and scholarly magazine and journal articles on every imaginable subject.

CQ Electronic Library: Reports provide depth for current events issues.

Uniform Crime Reports
: Reasonably up-to-date crime statistics from the FBI.

ProQuest Criminal Justice Databae: for scholarly articles, FBI reports, and more.

National Criminal Justice Research Service: Reports on various aspects of crime and victimization, funded by the United States Department of Justice.

Criminal Justice Abstracts: More criminal justice-related. scholarly articles.

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Selected Pro/Con Sources -- Criminal Justice

If you need information, a starting place, or background for a pro-con/argument or persuasive speech about crime, punishment, victimization, or justice, try one of the books below or search for information in the numerous databases listed in the sidebar. hese books are nearly all electronic and just a click away to any student, faculty, or staff who is logged into the library via iCollege or the library's own page. There are also some open access titles available through OApen and InTechOpen. Sources here are also as current as possible. Most are less than five years old.

Courts Justice and the Constitution
Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement Ebook Central
Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Legal Guide for Police: Constitutional Issues Ebook Central
Society, Ethics, and the Law: a Reader Ebook Central

Psychological and Social Aspects of Crime
Anti-Social Behaviour: A Multi-National Perspective of the Everyday to the Extreme Sage Knowledge
Crime and Criminality: Social, Psychological, and Neurobiological Explanations EBSCOHost eBook Collection
The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration Ebook Central
Gideon's Promise: A Public Defender Movement to Transform Criminal Justice Ebook Central
Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico’s War on Crime OApen
Pathways to Recovery and Desistance OApen

Psychological and Social Aspects of Crime
Prison by Any Other Name: The Harmful Consequences of Popular Reforms Ebook Central
The Psychology of Self-Control Ebook Central
Rage: Narcissism, Patriarchy, and the Culture of Terrorism Ebook Central
Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Causes, Consequences, and Cures Ebook Central
Violence Rewired: Evidence and Strategies for Public Health Action Ebook Central
What We Know: Solutions from Our Experiences in the Justice System Ebook Central

Effects of Incarceration
Correctional Health Care Delivery: Unimpeded Access to Care EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Decarcerating Correctional Facilities during COVID-19: Advancing Health Equity and Safety National Academies Press
The Effects of Incarceration and Reentry on Community Health and Well-Being: Proceedings of a Workshop EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Life Imprisonment: A Global Human Rights Analysis Ebook Central
Love Lockdown: Dating, Sex, and Marriage in America's Prisons Ebook Central
Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration Ebook Central
Maternal Imprisonment and Family Life: From the Caregiver's Perspective Ebook Central
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness Ebook Central
Punishing Poverty: How Bail and Pretrial Detention Fuel Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System Ebook Central
We Are Not Slaves : State Violence, Coerced Labor, and Prisoners' Rights in Postwar America Ebook Central

Crime and Criminal Investigation in General
150 Things You Should Know about Security Ebook Central
Criminal Justice System Ebook Central
High-Risk Patrol: Reducing the Danger to You Ebook Central
Human Remains and Identification: Mass Violence, Genocide, and the ‘Forensic Turn’ JSTOR
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Sage Knowledge
O'Hara's Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation Ebook Central
Organized Crime Sage Knowledge
Take Control of Home Security Cameras O'Reilly Higher Education
Tangled up in Blue: Policing the American City Ebook Central
Police Chief 101: Practical Advice for the Law Enforcement Leader Ebook Central

Violent Crime
Confronting Child Sexual Abuse: Knowledge to Action OApen
Domestic Violence and Abuse: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Femicide Across Europe: Theory, Research and Prevention JSTOR
Handbook of Homicide Ebook Central
Handbook of What Works with Sexual Offenders Ebook Central
Homeland Insecurity: Terrorism, Mass Shootings and the Public Ebook Central
Men's Experiences of Violence in Intimate Relationships OApen
Preventing Domestic Homicides : Lessons Learned from Tragedies Ebook Central
Psychology of Police Deadly Force Encounters: Science, Practice, and Policy Ebook Central
Shots Fired: Gun Violence in the United States Ebook Central
Stopping Rape OApen
Trading Life: Organ Trafficking, Illicit Networks, and Exploitation Ebook Central

Nonviolent Crime
Corporate Crime and Punishment O'Reilly Higher Education
Designing Prostitution Policy: Intention and Reality in Regulating the Sex Trade JSTOR
Don't Fall for It: A Short History of Financial Scams Ebook Central
Practical Fraud Prevention O'Reilly Higher Education
Prostitution: Sex Work, Policy & Politics Sage Knowledge
Real Frauds Found in Not-for-Profits O'Reilly Higher Education

Drug Offenses
Drugs and Thugs: The History and Future of America's War on Drugs Ebook Central
Grey area: Regulating Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops OApen
Pills, Powder, and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs Ebook Central

Crime Dot Com: From Viruses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global Ebook Central
Cyber Forensics: Examining Emerging and Hybrid Technologies Ebook Central
Cybercrime: An Encyclopedia of Digital Crime Ebook Central
Cybercrime and Digital Deviance Ebook Central
Cybercrime Investigations: A Comprehensive Resource for Everyone Ebook Central
Cybercrime Investigators Handbook Ebook Central
Cybersecurity and Decision Makers O'Reilly Higher Education
Hunting Cyber Criminals: A Hacker's Guide to Online Intelligence Gathering Tools and Techniques Ebook Central
Managing Cyber Risk Ebook Central
Online Child Sexual Victimisation Ebook Central
Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking Ebook Central

Death Penalty
American Roulette: The Social Logic of Death Penalty Sentencing Trials Ebook Central
Death Penalty: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
The Death Penalty: Documents Decoded ABC-Clio
Let the Lord Sort Them: The Rise and Fall of the Death Penalty Ebook Central