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ProCon Ebooks -- Handout Guide: Education

This is the new home of eight, pages of links to ebooks to provide background for argument and ProCon paprs.

Pro Con Resources Education

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Sources for Books

GILFind: the library catalog.

Ebook Central, the library's biggest ebook database.

EBooks on EBSCOHost and Academic EBooks on EBSCOHost

Article Databases

Academic Search Complete: General and scholarly magazine and journal articles on every imaginable subject.

ERIC an education database with its own reports.

Professional Development Collection, another education database

Social Science Database: because education is a social science.

ProQuest Taylor & Francis: Publisher of many education-related journals.

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Clarkston Library Content or...

Handouts 4 U: handouts for you!

Education ProCon Sources

If you need information, a starting place, or background for a pro-con/argument or persuasive speech on anything related to education, try one of the books below for an introduction or search for information in the numerous databases listed in the sidebar. These books are nearly all electronic and just a click away to any student, faculty, or staff who is logged into the library via iCollege or the library's own page. There are also some open access titles available through OApen and InTechOpen. Sources here are also as current as possible.

Education -- K-12
Beyond the Tyranny of Testing: Relational Evaluation in Education Ebook Central
Building News Literacy: Lessons for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Elementary and Middle Schools Ebook Central
The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive Ebook Central
Homeschooling: The History and Philosophy of a Controversial Practice Ebook Central
The Hybrid Teacher: Using Technology to Teach in Person and Online Ebook Central
If Einstein Ran the Schools: Revitalizing U. S. Education Ebook Central
Lessons from the Transition to Pandemic Education in the US : Analyses of Parent, Student, and Educator Experiences Ebook Central
Lost and Found: Unlocking Collaboration and Compassion to Help Our Most Vulnerable, Misunderstood Students (and All the Rest) Ebook Central
A Real-World Guide to Restorative Justice in Schools : Practical Philosophy, Useful Tools, and True Stories Ebook Central
Reopening K-12 Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic National Academies Press
Resolved: Debate Can Revolutionize Education and Help Save Our Democracy Ebook Central
Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) Ebook Central
What Should Schools Teach? Disciplines, Subjects and the Pursuit of Truth JSTOR

Economic and Social Aspects of Higher Education
Academic Ableism: Disability and Higher Education OApen
Being a Presence for Students: Teaching as a Lived Defense of Liberal Education OApen
Campus Counterspaces: Black and Latinx Students' Search for Community at Historically White Universities Ebook Central
The College Dropout Scandal Ebook Central
The College Stress Test: Tracking Institutional Futures Across a Crowded Market Ebook Central
Elevating Marginalized Voices in Academe: Lessons for a New Generation of Scholar Ebook Central
Ending Sexual Violence in College: A Community-Focused Approach EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Food Insecurity on Campus: Action and Intervention Ebook Central
The Gig Academy: Mapping Labor in the Neoliberal University Ebook Central
The Impoverishment of the American College Student: The Impoverishment of the American Student Ebook Central
The Leading World’s Most Innovative Universities OApen
Relationship-Rich Education: How Human Connections Drive Success in College Ebook Central
Workforce Education: A New Roadmap : A New Roadmap Ebook Central

The Future of Higher Education
The 160-Character Solution: How Text Messaging and Other Behavioral Strategies Can Improve Education Project Muse
Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education Ebook Central
Alternative Universities: Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education Ebook Central
The Disruptive Power of Online Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Responses EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
The Fifth Wave: The Evolution of American Higher Education Ebook Central
Higher Education in 2040: A Global Approach JSTOR
Learning Online: The Student Experience Project Muse
Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science OApen
Planning Programs for Adult Learners: A Practical Guide Ebook Central
Social Media in Higher Education: Case Studies, Reflections and Analysis OApen
Two Cheers for Higher Education: Why American Universities Are Stronger Than Ever--And How to Meet the Challenges They Face Ebook Central