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ProCon Ebooks -- Handout Guide: International

This is the new home of eight, pages of links to ebooks to provide background for argument and ProCon paprs.

Pro-Con Resources -- Global/International Issues

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Selected Pro/Con Sources --International Social and Economic Issues

If you need information, a starting place, or background for a pro-con/argument or persuasive speech and if you are interested in an international/global topic, try one of the books below or search for information in the numerous databases listed in the sidebar. These are nearly all electronic titles, that are just a click away to any student, faculty, or staff who is logged into the library via iCollege. There are also some open access titles available through OApen and InTechOpen. Sources here are also as current as possible, so not all countries are appear here. For issues centered in a particular country or region, with the exception of migration to Europe, try Pro-Con Sources All Around the World.

General Geography and Demographic Issues
Geography Today: an Encyclopedia of Concepts, Issues, and Technology Ebook Central
Global Urban Growth: A Reference Handbook Ebook Central

General Social Issues -- Immigration and Migration
Border Deaths: Causes, Dynamics and Consequences of Migration-related Mortality JSTOR
Enduring Uncertainty: Deportation, Punishment and Everyday Life JSTOR
Finding Ways Through Eurospace : West African Movers Re-Viewing Europe from the Inside EbookCentral
Lande: The Calais 'Jungle' and Beyond JSTOR
Migration and Remittances Factbook Ebook Central

General Social Issues -- Immigration and Migration Continued
Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe: Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges OApen
Migration, Terrorism, and the Future of a Divided Europe: a Continent Transformed Ebook Central
Resident Foreigners: A Philosophy of Migration Ebook Central
Structures of Protection? Rethinking Refugee Shelter Ebook Central
Walling in and Walling Out: Why Are We Building New Barriers to Divide Us? Ebook Central
Transnational Migration and Border-Making: Reshaping Policies and Identities Ebook Central
Women and Migration: Responses in Art and History OApen
World of Walls: The Structure, Roles and Effectiveness of Separation Barriers OApen

General Social Issues -- Development and Human Rights
Actualizing Human Right: Global Inequality, Future People, and Motivation OApen
The Coming Good Society: Why New Realities Demand New Rights Ebook Central
Dignity Rights: Courts, Constitutions, and the Worth of the Human Person Ebook Central
The Economic Case for LGBT Equality: Why Fair and Equal Treatment Benefits Us All Ebook Central
Modern Genocide: a Documentary and Reference Guide Ebook Central
Modern Slavery: A Documentary and Reference Guide Ebook Central
SDG1 - No Poverty: Making the Dream a Reality EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
SDG4 - Quality Education: Inclusivity, Equity and Lifelong Learning For All EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Torture and Enhanced Interrogation: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central

General Social Issues -- Technology
#HumanRights: The Technologies and Politics of Justice Claims in Practice Ebook Central
The Digital Divide Ebook Central
The Digital Economy Ebook Central
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries GVRL
Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics EBSCOHost eBook Collection
The Future of Change: How Technology Shapes Social Revolutions Ebook Central
The Hacker and the State: Cyber Attacks and the New Normal of Geopolitics EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Online Around the World: a Geographic Encyclopedia of the Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Apps Ebook Central
Post-Digital Cultures of the Far Right: Online Actions and Offline Consequences OApen
The Psychology of Silicon Valley: Ethical Threats and Emotional Unintelligence in the Tech Industry OApen
Techlash: The Future of the Socially Responsible Tech Organization Springer Link
Tweeting to Freedom: An Encyclopedia of Citizen Protests and Uprisings Around the World Ebook Central

General Social Issues -- Other
Behavioral Science in the Global Arena: Addressing Timely Issues at the United Nations and Beyond Ebook Central
Conspiracy Theories Ebook Central
Encyclopedia of Ethics EBSCOHost eBook Collection
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences Ref. Storage H40.A2 I5 2008
The Good Country Equation O'Reilly Higher Education
International Relations Today O'Reilly Higher Education
The New Progressivism: A Grassroots Alternative to the Populism of Our Times Ebook Central
Post-Democracy after the Crises Ebook Central
Small is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet OApen
Spotlight on Current Events: Essays on Contemporary World Issues Ebook Central
Supertrends: 50 Things You Need to Know about the Future Ebook Central
Ten Years to Midnight O'Reilly Higher Education
Totalitarianism Ebook Central
The World: A Brief Introduction Ebook Central

General Economic Issues
Battling Eight Giants: Basic Income Now Ebook Central
Contemporary World Issues The Minimum Wage: Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Doing the Right Thing: A Value Based Economy JSTOR
Dull Disasters? How planning ahead will make a difference OApen
Fewer, Richer, Greener: Prospects for Humanity in an Age of Abundance Ebook Central
The Global Economy Ebook Central
Living Well at Others' Expense: The Hidden Costs of Western Prosperity Ebook Central
The Realities and Futures of Work JSTOR
Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society? JSTOR
Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration--And Why It's Good for the Planet, the Economy, and Our Lives Ebook Central
Split: Class Divides Uncovered Ebook Central
Tracing the Consequences of Child Poverty: Evidence from the Young Lives study in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam JSTOR
Twenty-First Century Socialism Ebook Central

National Security and Terrorism
Becoming a European Homegrown Jihadist: A Multilevel Analysis of Involvement in the Dutch Hofstadgroup, 2002-2005 JSTOR
Compassionate Counterterrorism O'Reilly Higher Education
Confronting an "Axis of Cyber"? China, Iran, North Korea, Russia in Cyberspace OApen
Cyber Enigma: Unravelling the Terror in the Cyber World Ebook Central
Cyber Warfare: How Conflicts in Cyberspace Are Challenging America and Changing the World Salem Press
Defending Freedom: How We Can Win the Fight for an Open Society Ebook Central
Drone EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Homeland Security: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Intelligence and Espionage: Secrets and Spies Ebook Central
Militant Jihadism: Today and Tomorrow OApen
Pirates: A New History, from Vikings to Somali Raiders Ebook Central
Power to the People: How Open Technological Innovation Is Arming Tomorrow's Terrorists Ebook Central
A Practical Introduction to Homeland Security and Emergency Management: From Home to Abroad Sage Knowledge
Road Warriors: Foreign Fighters in the Armies of Jihad Ebook Central
Sage Encyclopedia of Terrorism (Second Edition) EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Targeting Top Terrorists: Understanding Leadership Removal in Counterterrorism Strategy EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Terrorism and Developing Countries InTechOpen
Violence in the Name of God: The Militant Jihadist Response to Modernity, Ebook Central