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Southern Labor Archives: A Guide to the Collections: Politics, Education, and Activism

Politics and Activism - Records

Ecumenical Coalition of Working People records, 1973-1984.

     Author: Ecumenical Coalition of Working People.
     Identification: L1984-45
     Author: Fair Employment Practices Committee.
     Identification: L1982-36
     Author: Georgia Democratic Party Forum.
     Identification: L1974-40
     Author: 9to5 Atlanta Working Women.
     Identification: L2005-08




Uprisings and Strikes - Collections

     Author: Uprising of '34 (documentary film).
     Identification: L1995-13
     Author: Hartwell and Susan Hooper.
     Identification: L2003-01
     Author: Nabisco and Mead Corporations of Atlanta.
     Identification: L1975-45

Education - Records

      Author: American Federation of Teachers
      IdentificationL L1979-22
     Author: Citizens' Fact Finding Movement of Georgia.
     Identification: L1984-30
     Author: Southern Conference Educational Fund.
     Identification: L1991-13
     Author: Southern States Apprenticeship Conference.
     Identification: L1980-19
     Author: University and College Labor Education Association.
     Identification: L1989-13
     Author: Pearlman, George.
     Identification: L1975-08

Labor Media

     Authors: Atlanta Cooperative News Project and Atlanta Progressive Media Foundation.
     Author: Levinson, Marc R.
     Identification: L1983-01
     Author: Gay, Joel.
      Identification: L1973-21

Related Collections

     Author: Taft, Philip.
     Identification: L1977-01

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