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Big Joy Oral Histories: B

Baum, Al

Interviewee: Al Baum
Interviewers: Stephen Silha and Eric Slade
Date of interview: April 2009
Extent: 30 minutes, 44 seconds

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Biography:Alvin "Al" Baum (born in Chicago, 1930) was in turn a lawyer, city planner and psychotherapist, and is now retired but still active in political and cultural realms in San Francisco. He met James Broughton and Joel Singer at a party in an artist's loft in 1986 and maintained a close friendship with James as long as he lived, and with Joel to this day. He appears in Joel Singer's new film "Last Words.”

Boyd, Malcolm

Interviewee: Malcolm Boyd
Interviewers: Stephen Silha and Eric Slade
Date of interview: 2010
Extent: 35 minutes, 21 seconds

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Malcolm Boyd (1923-2015) was an American Episcopal priest and author. He was active in the civil rights movement as one of the Freedom Riders in 1961 and as a minister. After leading in the Anti-Vietnam War movement, he "came out" in 1977, and became life partners with author Mark Thompson in the 1980s; they married in 2015. He wrote over 30 books, including the bestseller Are You Running with Me, Jesus? (1965), Take Off the Masks (1978), and Gay Priest: An Inner Journey (1986).

Brown, Collin

Interviewee: Collin Brown
Interviewers: Stephen Silha and Eric Slade
Date of interview: May 2010
Extent: 17 minutes, 5 seconds

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Biography:Collin Brown is a teacher and life coach who moved to Port Townsend, WA, in part because James Broughton had lived there. In the 1980s he directed the Radcliffe Publishing Course, preparing students for careers in book and magazine publishing. In the 1990s, he directed the Body Electric School, teaching classes for men and women that combined movement, touch, breathwork, ritual, and process work that allowed students to explore their own bodies as containers for healing, wisdom, emotional depth, spiritual vitality, eros and joy. Collin is a founding board member of KPTZ, a community radio station in Port Townsend. He has taught The Artist’s Way, and led coming-of-age rituals for many children, young adults and others who appreciate initiation.

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