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Feminist Action Alliance History Project: About The Project

About the Project

Because many of the organizations in the Women's Collections no longer exist and do not have an online presence, researching and gathering information about them is challenging. This makes if difficult to understand their long-term contributions and impacts. Private monies have been secured to annually find a graduate research assistant at GSU to create a detailed history of one of the organizations. The organization selected for the 2023-2024 academic year is the Feminist Action Alliance, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Funding for this first year has been provided by members of the organization. 

The history of Feminist Action Alliance was developed over two semesters, and was the result of a collaboration between GSU's Women's Collections archivist, Morna Gerrard, Graduate Research Assistant, Tiffany Gray, and past presidents of Action, Anne Deeley Easterly, Suzanne Donner, and Joy Rogers. Tiffany conducted research using collections at GSU as well as the organization's official records, kindly loaned by Emory University. Fourteen oral histories were conducted with past members, and GSU Library's Digital Projects Unit digitized available records. Anne, Suzanne, and Joy provided steadfast advice and assistance, donating many, many hours of their time. 


Graduate Research Assistant

Tiffany Gray
Tiffany Gray is a PhD student at Georgia State University in the English Department with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition. Her research interests include women’s rhetoric, the history of rhetoric, archival studies, and 19th-century Mormon women’s rhetoric. Tiffany wrote her master's thesis on "Collective Identity and Feminist Rhetorics: 19th-century Latter-day Saint Women Leaders' Use of Ethos-Based Identities as a Pathetic Appeal to the Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Her most recent publications are “Claremont Graduate University’s Mormon Women’s Oral History Collection” in Peitho (Volume 25, Issue 2, Winter 2023) and a forth coming book review on T. Kinney’s Legitimization of Mormon Feminist Rhetors. Beyond academics, Tiffany has spent the last 20 years working as a movement specialist and Pilates instructor while raising her family with her husband and four children. 

Feminist Action Alliance Advisors

Anne Deeley Easterly
Anne Deeley Easterly was president of Feminist Action Alliance in 1975 and a member at large in 1976.

Suzanne Donner
Suzanne Donner was president of Feminist Action Alliance in 1976 and member at large in 1977 and 1978.

Joy Rogers
Joy Rogers was president of Feminist Action Alliance in 1977 and member at large in 1978 and 1979.

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives

Oral Histories at GSU

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