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Georgia Transgender Oral History Project: S

Sorrels, Kimble

Interviewee: Kimble Sorrells
Interviewer: Ashby Combahee
Date of interview: April 7, 2023

Spratt, Iris

Interviewee: Iris Spratt
Interviewer: Jude Romines
Date of interview: January 26, 2024

Iris Spratt introduces herself, sharing that she was born in New Jersey and moved to Georgia at a young age. She reflects on growing up in suburban Atlanta, noting that she found solidarity with other queer kids in high school and that these friendships provided early support for gender exploration. In college, Iris also found affirmation in Atlanta's local furry community and participated in gatherings like Furry Weekend Atlanta and parties at Atlantic Station. On this topic, she discusses how furry culture can present a creative avenue for navigating gender feelings. Throughout the rest of the interview, Iris touches on various other topics, including the pros and cons of online trans spaces, playing video games as a trans woman, and her experiences writing queer romance novels.

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