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Georgia Transgender Oral History Project: Y

Yawn, Renee

Interviewee: Renee Yawn
Interviewer: Ashley Coleman
Date of Interview: May 21, 2016
Extent: 1 audio file

Renee Yawn shares her experience as the cisgender parent to a trans child. In this interview, she discusses growing up outside Detroit, Michigan, where she had little awareness of LGBTQ+ communities. After her mother's passing, Renee moved to Forest Park, Georgia, with her father as a young adult in 1986. She met her current husband in 1990, and they had two children together. Recounting the differences between her pregnancies, Renee notes that she was surprised to learn the assigned gender at birth of her second child because "everything presented differently" than her first pregnancy. From 1993 to present, she traces her son's gender journey and discusses recurring themes in his childhood and young adulthood. Later, Renee reflects on her family's response to her son's gender, highlighting stages of denial, education, and support. She also recalls how her relationship with her son has evolved over time, including periods of low contact and reconciliation. At the time of the interview, Renee discusses her desire to share what she has learned with other parents and mentions that she started a PFLAG support group in her local community.

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