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Georgia Transgender Oral History Project: B

Baker, Katrice

Interviewee: Katrice Baker
Interviewer: A.C. Panella
Date of interview: March 7, 2022
This interview may be accessed in the Reading Room only.

Katrice Baker was born and raised in Atlanta. She spent time in the military before going to art school and has been active in groups such as the Trans Housing Atlanta Program.

Katrice Baker shares that she was born and raised in Atlanta. She reflects on her experiences being in the military and eventually going to art school. At the time of recording, Katrice reports having access to a supportive trans community in Georgia and being active with the Trans Housing Atlanta Program. She discusses her love of music, particularly singing, as well as her involvement in chorus groups such as the All Saints Metropolitan Choir. Katrice also touches on spirituality, recalling experiences of affirmation and marginalization in Christian churches. 

Brown, Kendall Arin

Interviewee: Kendall Arin Brown
Interviewer: Amari McGee
Date of interview: October 7, 2023

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