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Georgia Transgender Oral History Project: G

Graham, Jordan

Interviewee: Jordan Graham
Interviewer: Ashby Combahee
Date of interview: July 10, 2021

Jordan Graham (he/him; they/them) grew up in the Douglasville area before attending Georgia State University to study literature. They later moved to Athens to complete their undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia in entertainment and media studies. Jordan first started working in libraries as a volunteer and eventually worked their way up to full-time staff member. In 2022, he completed his Master's in Library and Information Sciences degree at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where his studies emphasized Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics with a focus on LGBTQ+ communities.

Jordan Graham discusses growing up in the Douglasville area in the 2000s, reflecting on their relationship with their cousins, whom they refer to as “part-time sisters” over their shared upbringing. Throughout the interview, issues concerning conservative Christian environments and religious abuse experienced by queer people are discussed. After high school, Jordan attended Georgia State University before moving to Athens to study entertainment and media at the University of Georgia. They share about navigating shifting dynamics with family as a young adult. Jordan recounts briefly moving to California after college, where they worked as a boom operator. After returning to Georgia, Jordan eventually began volunteering at a public library in Cobb County. Finding a passion for advocating for trans representation in library spaces, he worked his way up from volunteer to part-time to full-time, and at the time of recording, Jordan reports being in a library sciences graduate program.

Glenn, Vandy Beth

Interviewee: Vandy Beth Glenn
Interviewer: Ashby Combahee
Date of interview: January 28, 2024

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