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Gender and Sexuality Oral History Project: K

Kaufman, Gus

Interviewee: Gus Kaufman
Interviewer: Wesley Chenault
Date of Interview:
Extent: 39 pages




Gus B. Kaufman, Jr., Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who has practiced at An Open Space for twenty years. He has co-founded five non-profit organizations, including Men Stopping Violence, and published many chapters and articles.



Kelley, Collin

Interviewee: Collin Kelley
Interviewer: Franklin Abbott
Date of interview: March 15, 2019
Extent: 1 audio file; 1 video file

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Collin Kelley is a prize-winning poet, a novelist, playwright, journalist and editor and one of the best-known and most active figures in Atlanta's literary community. In 2011, he was chosen to join the Georgia Center for the Book's Advisory Council.

Knowlton, Elizabeth

Interviewee: Elizabeth Knowlton
Date of Interview
Extent: 58 pages
Note: Knowlton was originally interviewed for the Georgia Women's Movement Oral History Project


A member of various groups, including the Feminist Theatre Group, ALFA (Atlanta Feminist-Lesbian Alliance), Atlanta Socialist Feminist Women's Union, Woman Song Theatre II and the Writer's Group, Knowlton has published articles, book reviews, poems and political essays, including a paper on 19th Century Georgia lesbian love letters: "Only a Woman Like Yourself."

Knowlton discusses her personal, academic and professional background, including how she became involved in the Women’s Liberation Movement in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She also provides a basic history of the Women’s Liberation Movement as an outcropping of socialism and feminism and how it separated from the socialist movement because of their interest in issues of personal politics. Knowlton describes her involvement in a number of organizations including "Group 27," which started a day center called "Community School for People Under Six." After moving to Atlanta in 1974, she became involved with ALFA (Atlanta Lesbian-Feminist Alliance) which was an umbrella organization of other socialist and feminist groups. The central issues contained in her oral history concern reproductive control, freedom from sexual abuse, daycare and sexuality. She also discusses the conflicts within the Women’s Movement over the ERA.

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