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Where you can find your way through our extensive handout collection, and yes, they ARE handouts!

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Welcome to a Georgia State University's Perimeter College's curated collection of magazines and newspapers that provide background and provide a collection of viewpoints and contrasting biases.

Whether it is supporting your own viewpoint, or understanding the conflicting argument so that you can oppose it, bias is important. An argument paper is stronger if it includes articles from both sides of an issue. In addition, argument papers about technical topics require their own specialized background material.

Look at journals on both the liberal AND conservative side of the top half of the table for public policy or social topics. Generally these are topics one can solve by government changing laws or by society adopting new norms. For scientific, technical, and health-related topics use the list of publications in the lower left box. If your professor permits outside web site, there are reliable opinion web sites in the lower right box.

Here's Your Panorama

Progressive Center/Liberal Center/Conservative Conservative
The Nation

Mother Jones

Politico -- Search Publications at ProQuest News and Newspapers

The Progressive

ProPublica -- Search Publications at ProQuest News and Newspapers
The Atlantic

New York Times

NPR Morning Edition

NPR All Things Considered

NPR Fresh Air

The Washington Post -- Search Publications at ProQuest News and Newspapers

The Los Angeles Times -- Search Publications at ProQuest News and Newspapers

The New Republic

Time Magazine
Christian Science Monitor

Wall Street Journal

The Economist -- Search Publications at ProQuest Central



Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs
National Review


American Conservative -- Search Publications at ProQuest Central

Science, Health, and Psychology Outside the Library
New Scientist

Science News

JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association (News, Features, and Commentary)

Scientific American

Popular Science

Wired -- Search Publications at ProQuest Central

Science (Features, News, and Commentary)

Nature (Features, News, and Commentary)

Psychology Today


BBC Future


Daily Kos



Fox News

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Union of Concerned Scientists