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Handouts for You: Why Handouts?

Where you can find your way through our extensive handout collection, and yes, they ARE handouts!

Why Handouts?

Why Handouts

If you are wondering why any one would make, use, or need static screen or printable handouts when there are videos, podcasts, and online games to show you how to use library resources, this page is for you.

Here is why handouts are still a great idea:

In the middle of the night the time for handouts is right! Handouts are available twenty-four seven. Even when the library is closed, a handout is there either online or as print. This is also true if your internet connection is slow or you are on a cell phone. Handouts are low bandwidth and load when other media bog down.


Handouts are short, sweet, and fast. Yes, they include text, but reading small amounts of text is fast.

You also don't have to use an entire handout. Only read the parts you need.

Making a new tab in Firefox Aurora Handouts are interactive. With tabbed browsers (Firefox, IE, and Chrome browsers let you have as many tabs as you want.) you can look back and forth between a handout and GALILEO or GIL-Find and learn to search or improve your skills with step-by-step instructions.

You can set up a tab by clicking on the white tab or plus sign to the right of your browser's last tab, and a new tab pops up. You can also select New Tab under File on all browsers except Chrome.

Opening a link in a new tab If you prefer, you can also right click on any link and choose Open in New Tab.

Here is how handouts improve your searching: You start with questions. You read for answers. You try a search using the instructions. You look at your results and the handout, ask more questions, and then start the cycle again. And since handouts are there waiting for you (Being static has its good side!), you can repeat this cycle as much or as often as you like.

Handouts in the never ending research cycle