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Handouts for You: Quick Guide to Searching with GIL-Find

Where you can find your way through our extensive handout collection, and yes, they ARE handouts!

Step by Step Quick Searching with GIL-Find@GPC


Where to Go

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Search GIL-Find.

Quick Guide to Searching with GIL-Find

GIL-Find is the library's catalog. GIL-Find has features that let you find what you want easily and several ways to refine a search to keep it on target.

1) Set the scrollbar on the left of the big Discover box on the library web page to Catalog

2) Type in one to three words that describe your topic and click the SEARCH link.

3) GIL-Find presents the first twenty-five (25) results.

4) Use the scroll bar to move among the results.

5) You can load more results by clicking the green LOAD MORE RESULTS at the bottom of the list.
GIL-Find results
GIL-Find facets presented one on top of the other 6) If you have a large number of results, you can limit them with options in the screen's left column.

Choosing a location restricts books to only that campus or to only online titles. Choosing a subject heading improves your results as well.

7) To see the full entry for a book, click on its blue title.

8) To find the book on the shelf, look for its call about half way down.

9) To see more books on the same subject, scroll down to the subject headings and click on .

An entry for a book in GIL-Find

10) To return to a book later without a fresh search, sign in to GIL-Find with your campusid and password, and click the small pushpin in the top right corner of the screen.

11) To return to the list of results, click the white arrow on the left side of the page.

12) To print, email, or export what is on t he screen's records, select Print or one of the other options from a bread crumb trail of options near the top of the page.

13) To start a new search, simply type it in the box at the top of the screen.