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Handouts for You: Handouts 4 U

Where you can find your way through our extensive handout collection, and yes, they ARE handouts!

Handout Quilt

Welcome to Handouts for You/hadouts4u

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Step by step help finding books with the GIL-Find catalog and articles with our most popular databases.


Bloom's Jack London facsimile Step by step help finding books and articles with literary criticisms.
Red globe for world studies Step by Step help for more databases to use for argument, social science, and public policy papers
A not-so-mad scientist's flask Step by Step with science and technology databases and other resources..
All about library resources
Photo of the JCLRC/Clarkston Library .
Web info in the balance Step by Step help with evaluating web sources.
Slides for a PowerPoint Presentation Step by Step Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint .
Ebrary ProQuest has lots of databases! One is right for you.
Handouts are open twenty-four seven Why use handouts?