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CRJU: Criminal Law Online

A course guide of open education resources for faculty teaching Criminal Law.

Overview and Objectives

Module Overview

In this module, we study vice crimes which are often considered to be harmless and victimless. We also explore state and federal drug offenses.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  1. Define vice crimes (obscenity, prostitution, pimping and pandering).
  2. Discuss social order/morality offenses (alcoholism, gambling, and drug offenses)
  3. Explain various drug crimes, their grading, and controlled substances scheduling.
  4. Analyze prostitution-related offenses and their grading.



Crimes against the public: Overview of drug and alcohol crimes including driving while under the influence. If you want more information, purchase this chapter or the textbook here:

Drug Scheduling: "Over time, drugs shift. And a lot of this is based on lobbies. " -Anesthesiology and pain management specialist Ramana Naidu, M.D.​ Full:​ (The Prescription Opioid Epidemic: Crisis And Opportunity). "And then let's take the Schedule IV benzodiazepines. Low abuse potential? As a pain physician, I can tell you absolutely not."

Case Examples

Panhandling: why there is an increase in panhandlers. Have you noticed there seems to be more panhandlers on city streets? It's a common site just off freeway exit ramps, waiting to collect money from kindhearted drivers. For some of the men and women who seemingly have fallen on hard times, they're able to rake in big bucks in an hour or two.

2 jailed on pimping, pandering charges in Sacramento County. Two people were arrested and charged on pimping and pandering charges after deputies said they befriended a teen at the Roseville Galleria Mall and forced her into prostitution. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more:

Where Are Dram Shop Liability Laws Most Effective? Arthur Mondale discusses Dram Shop Liability Laws and how their effeciveness varies by state.

Where Are Dram Shop Liability Laws Most Effective?

With auto-generated closed captioning.