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Cell Phones at National Academies Press

National Academies Press is just a click away, and the words below its logo say it all...

National Academies Press Logo
Truth in advertizing at the National Academies Press

The good news is you can download or read online nearly everything you find when you search. The bad news, which is really not bad news, is that this is dry, technical materias. It is excellent for papers, but not light reading.

I clicked search after typing in Cell PhonesIf you type"cell phones" into the search box near the top right of the browser window, your results will be a list of full length books and short technical publications.

Sometimes a technical publication may be just what you need. If you are interested in cell phone use while driving, the entry below is probably useful though not easy to understand. Paraphrasing will help you make its ideas more understandable when you write your paper.

A book on cell phone use while driving

National Academies Press will try to sell you a paper copy of any book, you open. Ignore this and read oline or download.