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Web Savvy -- General Guide: Center for Food Safety

A multi-page tutorial on evaluating web sites, for beginners and those who think they know.

Center for Food Safety and Glycophosphate

When you click on the link for Glyphosphate and Cancer Risk: Frequently Asked Questions you see a PDF article with end notes in lieue of a works cited. Near the bottom of the page is the Center for Food Safety's physical and web address. All of this makes the page appear to be without ideology or bias.

Note: this page dates from 2015, but it is the most current one available.

Center for Food Safety logo But look further. If you click on the Center for Food Safety's address and choose About Us from the top menu, you'll see this...

Mission of the Center for Food Safety

Clearly the Center for Food Safety is an advocacy group that opposes industrial agriculture including pesticides and herbicides. This makes them stakeholders. If you are researching the controversy around glycophosphate/Roundup herbicide, the Center for Food Safety's glycophosphate safety page is an excellent source for their point of view. If you are looking for scientific data, there are library databases that provide current and scientific articles.