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Web Savvy -- General Guide: Quiz -- Publisher Evaluation

A multi-page tutorial on evaluating web sites, for beginners and those who think they know.

Web Site Publisher Qualifications -- Unesco

Please enable pop-ups on your computer so you can see the answers to this quiz. Because evaluating web pages is a matter of judgement and critical thinking, this some of this quiz involves reflection. Please provide explanations with your answers and read the answer explanations to see how yours compare.

Unesco top bar

Go to the Unesco website. Scroll to the bottom, and select Explore Unesco, which is in the page's top right corner. Then choose Unesco House -- Visit Us.

Where is UNESCO's headquarters and was the information easy to find? Why or why not?

Now click on Explore Unesco, in the top right corner. Then select Director-General, which is near the bottom of the second column.

Would you use UNESCO in your research, why or why not?