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Web Savvy -- General Guide: Open Access

A multi-page tutorial on evaluating web sites, for beginners and those who think they know.

Web Savvy -- Page 11 -- Open Access

Web Savvy -- Page 2 -- Copyright warned about paywalls and copyright that block much worthwhile content on the open web. In fact, paywalls and copyright are the reason why the library subscribes to its own databases that you can search on its home page.

Open access opens the copyright padlock Fortunately, open access/resource items are the exception to the rule of locked down, credible content. These exceptions are a supplement to library resources. Open access sources are also important when the library is closed, doesn't have what you need, or has canceled subscriptions or skippd purchases due to budget cuts.

There are also open access (free textbooks) available that you can use if your professor and you agree. Open access textbooks make education more affordable.

Open Access Publishing features lists of repositories for preprint and reprint articles along with dissertations. It also offers open access journal lists.

Open Education: Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OER) at WCC: OER Repositories offer gateways to open source (free) textbooks in a variety of subjects.

Of course Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks published in 1924 and before. National Academies Press and InTech offer scholarly, technical ebooks.

There are a host of free biology journals at Biomedcentral. You can browse for free articles at Highwire.

a view of Highwire's title browsing list

At Highwire, look for free issues and sites. When you find a journal that interests you, click on its title. The links on the right no longer work. And you can also search DOAJ (The Directory of Open Access Journals), but more about that below.

National Academies Press Click the image to look for books about cell phones at National Academies Press.

Search open access journals at the Directory of Open Access JournalsClick this logo to try searching for cell phones at DOAJ, the Directory of Open Access Journals.