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Web Savvy -- General Guide: Malcolm McGregor

A multi-page tutorial on evaluating web sites, for beginners and those who think they know.

Malcolm’s MARVELous SUPER HERO cancer fighters

Malcolm's MARVELout SUPER HEREO cancer fighters is a very current (May 2020) Facebook page for a five year old boy with brain cancer. If you are researching families of seriously ill children, this page features the words of a patient's family and friends. True, Malcolm's family are not doctors or social scientists, but they are experts on their own experience, and lived experience is valuable.

Picture of Malcolm McGregor This page also offers several indications that it is a credible source, and that it is about a real child and a real family rather than pure fiction. This picture, alas, proves little. There are thousands of stock and public domain images on the net and also picture fabrication sites.

Malcolm and his parents have last names What begins to build credibility is Malcomn's last name and his parents' first names, last names, and home town.

Look, a real life mailing address! Malcolm also has a real-world address. Yes, it is a post box, but it still exists in physical space.

In addition, there is a bank account (again in the real world), to collect funds for Malcolm and his family's care and support. All these mean that there is probaby a real, very sick, little boy named Malcolm McGregor, so you may quote his family as an authority on the personal aspects of life with a sick child.

Last but not least, the newspaper on Malcolm's home town, has covered his illness. You can find this article by Googling "Malcolm MdGregor" AND Wisconsin Rapids.

Note: Malcolm's family chose to tell their story publicly, so their experience is not typical of those who believe illness should remain private.