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Web Savvy -- General Guide: Team Finn

A multi-page tutorial on evaluating web sites, for beginners and those who think they know.

Team Finn

Team Finn is a somewhat neglected page created by the Muedder family, whose son, Finn, was born with a genetic disease called Hunter Syndrome. If you are researching how families with a seriously ill child make what is often a private matter public, the Muedders' page might interest you.

Picture of Finn Muedder This page also offers several indications that it is a credible source, and that it is about a real child and a real family rather than pure fiction. This picture, alas, proves little. There are thousands of stock and public domain images on the net and also generative AI for picture fabrication.

Finn and his parents have last names What indicates credibility is Finn and hishis parents' first names, last names, and home town. The Muedders also raise funds for clinical research to treat or cure their son's disease through an organization they founded called Project Alive. The charity is registered as a nonprofit with the Internal Revenue Service and has a real world address.