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Handouts for You: Step by Step Finding Books in the USG

Where you can find your way through our extensive handout collection, and yes, they ARE handouts!

Step by Step Finding Books in the University System of Georgia

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Step by Step Borrowing Books from the University System of Georgia

GIL-Express is now a part of GIL-Find. Here is how you can find it and search it step by step.

1) You can either start with the library web page’s Catalog tab OR begin any time during a GIL-Find search.

2) Before you can borrow any books frrom USG libraries, you need to sign In. Click the Sign into your Account on the library’s catalog web page!) or the Sign in link in the top right corner of GIL-Find. If you are in GIL-Find your name will appear in the top right corner of the page.

Don't forget to login

3) Then use the scroll down menu tochange the box to the right of the main search box to University System of Georgia.

This is what a USG search looks like in GIL-Find
This is what a USG search looks like when launched from the library web page.

4) Run your search. For more information, read Quick Searching with GIL-Find.

5) When you find an item you like, click on its blue title.

6) Choose Get it from the white tabs nearly half way down the page. The tabs are nearly invislble, so look closely.

Here is the Get it tab.

7) You will always see a disappointing message that yourdoes not match any physical items.

GIL USG search results always initially look disappointing

Clicking More Libraries and selecting one will make a happier GIL USG search

8) Click the More Libraries link.

9) Then select one of the libraries that has your item.

10) When you see holdings information on the screen, click Request.

Click the Request link when the holdings information appears

11) Fill out the form. Make sure the the Pickup Institution is Georgia State University and the Pickup Library is set to your campus.

12) Click the orange Request button, and you are good to go!