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NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software: NVivo - What is It?

An introduction to NVivo qualitative textual & audiovisual analysis software.

What can I do with NVivo?

NVivo logoUse NVivo software for qualitative analysis of textual and audiovisual data sources, including:

  • Organizing and coding multiple data sources in one central project file.
  • Assigning attributes to data (e.g., demographics) for comparative purposes.
  • Adding interpretations and notes.
  • Querying and searching data.
  • Visualizing data.

Dr. Mandy - GSU's NVivo Guru

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Mac Version of NVivo - Challenges

Apple logo and Windows logo with word abbreviation vs for versus in between them

Mac Version of NVivo - Challenges

  • The Mac version of NVivo is not as fully functional as the Windows version.
  • Moving between Mac and Windows with NVivo often causes technical challengess – if at all possible, DON’T try to work across platforms.
  • We do not offer workshops/recordings on the Mac version due to having no Mac access to do so. Differences in interface, functionality, and features between the Mac and Windows version of NVivo may make it difficult to follow along with the Windows workshop if you are using a Mac. If you are a current GSU faculty, staff, or students and need training for the Mac version of NVivo, please contact Dr. Mandy.