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NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software: GSU Access
to NVivo

An introduction to NVivo qualitative textual & audiovisual analysis software.

What computers on campus have NVivo?

Atlanta Campus:

The University Library Atlanta Campus has NVivo installed on ALL its Windows computers throughout the entire Library, and it's on the Macs in CURVE

The Aderhold Learning Center Computer Lab (Room 023) also has NVivo installed on its computers.

Departmental Labs:

NVivo may already be available in some departmental or school computer labs - ask within your departments. If it's not currently available, talk with your department about getting it installed on departmental lab computers. 

Perimeter College Campuses:

Please call the IIT Technology Services Help Desk at 404-413-4357 to inquire about where NVivo is available on PC campuses.

Installing NVivo on Your Own Computer

All faculty, staff, and students can download GSU-licensed NVivo to their personal computers.

STEP 1: Install NVivo on your computer

**Download NVivo for Windows or NVivo for Mac by clicking here**

  • ATTN Mac Users: You may need to change your System Preferences to all NVivo for Mac installation - Steps for doing so: (1) Click (Apple logo) on the top left hand corner of your screen and go to System Preferences, (2) Go to Security & Privacy, click the ‘lock icon’ at the bottom left hand corner of the window, enter your Mac password and click Unlock, (3) Under the General tab, select Anywhere for ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ and click the ‘lock icon’ again, (4) Once NVivo has been installed successfully, follow the above steps and change the security setting back to it's previous value. ('Mac App Store and identified developers' or 'Mac App Store')

If you have problems with technological issues of installing and/or opening NVivo from on campus or off campus, please contact the II&T Help Center at | 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) | Submit a Help Ticket

STEP 2: Install VPN on your computer

You have to be connected to the GSU network to use NVivo, which from off campus means you will have to install the Virtual Private Network software, or VPN.

STEP 3: Login to VPN with CampusID/password, then open NVivo

STEP 4 (OPTIONAL): Install NCapture browser plugins

Want to optimize your analysis of web pages, blogs, twitter, facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.? After installing NVivo, be sure to download the NCapture add-on for Internet Explorer and/or Chrome (no Firefox or Safari add-on available). NVivo for Mac has limited NCapture capabilities - see here for comparison to of Mac-to-Windows NCapture compatibility).