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Research Data Services @ Georgia State University Library: WORKSHOPS ~ Methods for Data Analysis & Collection ~ Web Scraping, Mixed Methods, Qualitative Methods


Web Scraping Workshop

Web Scraping Workshop


Web Scraping with Python (and R)

This workshop will provide an introduction to using programming tools (i.e. Python and R) for collecting and parsing information from public websites in a systematic and targeted way. The workshop will be led using Python. Code and workshop files will be made available for both Python and R.

This workshop completes all processes and analyses using code (i.e. there are no point-and-click methods). Individuals who want to participate in the “hands-on” portions of the workshop should have a little familiarity with either Python or R. Individuals without previous programming or coding experience are still welcome to watch, learn, and participate in the discussions.

Workshop Topics:

  • Use-cases, ethics, and legal issues related to web scraping
  • Using BeautifulSoup and Rvest
  • Collecting information from public websites
  • Parsing and organizing HTML data

Required Prerequisites:

  • None.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Python (1 and 2) or R (1 and 2)
  • Basic familiarity with HTML

Mixed Methods Workshop

Mixed Methods Workshop

  • LIVE workshops are no longer offered for this series.
  • For RECORDED workshops: Click here.

Mixed Methods: General Overview of Mixed Methods Research Design

This workshop is a general overview of mixed methods used in research. Mixed Methods Research Designs use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Workshop Topics:

  • Overview of Mixed Methods
  • Explanatory vs. Exploratory Design
  • Sequential and Concurrent Design
  • Triangulation Design

Prerequisites: None.

Logics & Logistics of Qualitative Research with NVivo Session

Logics & Logistics of Qualitative Research with NVivo Session

  • LIVE workshops typically occurs annually in October -- watch the workshops calendar for the next offering.
  • RECORDED workshop is not available.

The Logics & Logistics of Qualitative Research

A Framework for Exploring Concepts, Dimensions, and Relationships in Qualitative Data using NVivo Research Software

Dr. LaRossa and Dr. Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh present this joint session. Dr. LaRossa discusses the steps involved in building theoretically-rich qualitative analyses (the logics) and Dr. Swygart-Hobaugh outlines the specific features of NVivo qualitative research software that complement and facilitate these analyses (the logistics). NOTE: This session does NOT involve hands-on NVivo training -- see the workshop listings on this page for hands-on NVivo training opportunities.