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*RESEARCH DATA SERVICES (RDS) @ Georgia State University Library: TEACHING with Data & Statistics

Teaching at GSU? Assign our Badges -- no extra work for YOU!

Teaching at GSU? Assign our Badges -- no extra work for YOU!

Integrate GSU Data Ready! Badges into your course or program curriculum! Students can attend live workshops or recorded workshops on their own time, go to the GSU Library's Stacks course catalog to join/"enroll" in the appropriate GSU Data Ready! Badge course, and complete our quiz learning assessments to earn badges. Once students receive a badge, have them share it with you for verification by either (1) having them forward their Badgr email notification, or (2) having them create a Badgr account to then send you a link to their badge in their Badgr Backpack.

It's that simple and requires no content creation by you!

Our GSU Data Ready! Badges tracks: Software & Coding Training | Data Ready! Badge Video Series

SAGE Research Methods -- Resources for Teaching & Learning Soc-Sci Methods!

SAGE Research Methods -- resources for teaching & learning soc-sci methods!

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is an amazing tool for GSU students, faculty and staff who are learning or teaching research methods and those who are conducting research across social science fields.

SRM includes:

  • a library of more than 1000 books, reference works, journal articles
  • instructional videos by leading researchers
  • full-text of the “Little Green Book” series for quantitative methods and the “Little Blue Book” series for qualitative methods
  • a repository of research case studies and datasets that can be used in the classroom or for self-guided learning
  • and much more -- check out this recorded overview session on SRM

Additional SRM Resources:

To learn more: Contact Halley from the Research Data Service (RDS) Department!

Data Ready! Video Series - Bite-Size Intros to Data Literacy!

Data Ready! Video Series - bite-size intros to data literacy!

THIS VIDEO SERIES covers core data literacy skills with real-life examples -- great introduction to data and statistics!

Videos within the Data Ready! Video Series:

AND: We have a Data Ready! Badge digital micro-credential related to the video series content... 

Go Earn the Badge!

Have Students Attend GSU Data Events!

Have students attend GSU Data Events!

DATA EVENTS are speaker series talks (in-person and virtual) featuring Atlanta-based and global-wide professionals and social justice advocates highlighting how they use data analysis & visualization in their daily work and careers.

Recordings of recent GSU Data Events:

Plunge your students into data and statistics...but with floaties!

Plunge your students into data and statistics...but with floaties!

THIS GUIDE highlights easy-to-use tools and resources for getting students engaged in using data and statistics without the headaches of requiring them to use complicated software or statistical coding.

Each box on the guide:

  • Links to one or more tools / resources
  • Links to "help resources" to use the tool / resource
  • Offers "lesson ideas" and / or teaching resources

Suggestions for tools / resources or lesson ideas?

Share with Ashley or Mandy from the Research Data Service (RDS) Department!